Sunday, November 18, 2012

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Finn stayed in nursery all by himself again today. I spent most of my time walking Mason up and down the hall, but let's face it. Mason wasn't fussy; I just had to peer into the window to spy on my little man. He did so great. Cried once or twice, only to be easily soothed by the sweet nursery leaders we have.

So Finn loves nursery. It's so great. He's becoming independent- that's what I've been trying to teach him from day one, right? Then why did I cry like a baby tonight after putting my sweet big boy to bed? I was sitting here tonight and it hit me like a freight train; the sickening, awful truth: my babies are going to grow up. One day he won't need me any more; at least not the way he does now. There are moments when the sheer knowledge of that fact takes my breath away. It makes my heart nearly stop. I want to hold my boys and lock ourselves in the pantry, away from time and change.

But then I think back on my life, and all of the beautiful, happy, wonderful experiences I've had. And how grateful I am to my parents for enabling me to experience life. And I think how incredibly filled with joy I am at the thought of giving that gift to my sweet boys. Although I am truly the one receiving the gift; being able to watch them grow; watch them assert themselves, form opinions, discovery things. I will watch them love, watch them be kind, watch them change the world.

But for now I am content to squeeze them every day. To watch Finn tickle Mason and give him kisses. Listen to Mason coo and giggle, trying to roll over only to get stuck on his arm. I'm happy to clean up all of Finn's peas that he's thrown on the kitchen floor, to clean up milk for the 17th time in one day, to lose so many hours of sleep. Some day Ill sleep soundly, only to wake up with a yearning for my little boy to hold out his arms and want nothing but to be held by his momma.

I love these little boys more than life itself. If the world could truly see their beauty, I'm pretty sure it would stop spinning for a moment. And maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing; an extra day with my babies. I'd take it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is This Real Life?

A while back I read an article about how so many moms post on Instagram or blog pictures of their daily life or pics of their kids looking perfect and how it kind of makes everyone else feel they have to keep up. Like you have to pretend that your life is perfect to be happy.

Well, I'm here to say that my life is far from perfect and I'm still happy! I took a few pictures around my house to illustrate the point. You can judge me or think what you will, but I'm proud of my messy, imperfect life. And I'm happy because of it; not in spite of it. LIFE is a beautiful mixture of messy, ugly, insanely difficult things and some beautiful beyond description, joyful, can't stop laughing until you cry kind of things.

This is real life baby.

Real Life Picture #1: My Pantry. Finn can now grab things off the shelf, so what used to be a nicely organized clean pantry is now a mess because I have to put things too high for him to grab. Also it's messy because if I want to eat anything without him knowing and therefore begging for it, I have to sneak in the pantry in the dark and shovel in what I can before he finds me. I'm not joking.

Real Life Picture #2: Finger prints all over the mirror. Might I add, the mirror is for the wall but has remained on our floor propped against the wall for our ENTIRE THREE YEARS of marriage. Yep. I'm classy. At least my bed is made!

Real Life Picture #3: Laundry. Just when you think you've gotten it all under control, you blink and it turns into this. I'm not even sure why our laundry hamper is on top of a small table. 

And Finally . . . while trying to take a cute picture of Mason in his big boy clothes, Gideon also got these shots. Finn trying to steal his blankie back and my muffin top in all it's glory. Just to prove that you don't need a great body or a clean house to be a happy momma. I've got chubby belly and it's ok. Who wouldn't trade their six pack for those two little cuties?

Mason's Blessing Day

Had to throw this one in. Getting his beauty rest for his big day!

What a sweet day today. I kept finding myself choked up with emotion. Even now as I type I'm fighting back a few awkward tears. :)

We blessed our sweet baby boy today. Our SECOND baby boy. That was kind of surreal. Gideon was saying the blessing while I tried to pacify a screaming Finn. But somehow that made it all the more special. I know some people look at families with lots of young kids who are loud in church and leave the bench with a few crunched Cheerios and think "what a nuisance," but in my opinion there is something celestial about those sweet innocent little ones and parents just trying their best to do right by their kids. I felt that today. I know that this is absolutely the right path for us and the right way to do things for our family. I felt so happy and peaceful with my beautiful family that God has so graciously blessed me with. I don't think I've done a single thing to deserve such wonderful people in my life.

Part of those special people in my life are my husband's family. I love my own family as well and I feel so incredibly blessed to have gained a second family. Not everyone can say that about their in laws and I recognize what a special thing that is. We had everyone over for lunch afterwords and it was loud, crowded and ended in a mess. And I loved every single second of it. I would trash my house every day if it meant I got to spend more time with these people that are so close to my heart.

And in one final literary display of cheesiness and sentiment, I have to say how grateful I am for THE most special person in my life; Gideon. I was just overcome with happiness today and so much of that comes from him. He is so quick to drop whatever he's doing to help his stress case of a wife solve her problems. He is truly a kind, kind man. He works incredibly hard and gives so freely of himself. He loves our children more than perhaps any father ever has (I know you moms are all saying no way!), and his very existence gives me more happiness than I ever thought possible.

To sum it all up, it was a very good day. I am so very grateful.

Date Night

Friday night Jared and Lynn came down and babysat both of our boys, plus had their little girl (3 kids under 2), so we could go on a date, just the two of us. We can't thank them enough!! It was magical.

We kept it simple; a half off coupon for our favorite sushi place made for a good deal. While we waited for a table we strolled the river woods and we bought some bath and body works candles (after making poor Gideon help me pick a smell. How does it all smell the same to guys?). We window shopped at a few more shops as well. It was so nice to stroll hand in hand without the little ones crying or needing to be carried, etc. We were carefree and dare I say we giggled. . . We felt young again and it was so great. We finished the night with some yummy cupcakes and hot cocoa. And it's always fun to come home from a date to your kids sleeping peacefully and then have some fun hanging out with the babysitters! We love having our family so close and will be sad to leave in a year. Thanks again Jared and Lynn!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

3 Months

Mason is three months old today. I really can't believe it's been 3 whole months. Where does time keep escaping to? Halloween is over and it's time for the holidays. Crazy! 

Our little Mason is getting way way too big. I pulled out some of Finn's old onezies for him today and found that he needs the 6+ months sizes. He's actually wearing a 9 month size right now and it fits pretty good. It's so funny because Finn was always too small for his "size" of clothes and Mason is too big. They are so different.

Mason is big enough to sit in the bumbo seat all by himself and does pretty good with his head. He is also becoming quite the social little boy! He is always so happy. All you have to do is look at him and he is all smiles. He is still sleeping through the night (at first I thought maybe it was a fluke). It's amazing. Last night he went to sleep at 9:30 and woke up to eat at 4:30, then went right back to sleep until 8. And every morning he wakes up smiling and cooing. It's so awesome. Finn didn't sleep that long until he was 9 months old! I am beginning to think that it will be possible to have more kids in the (distant) future. 

Finn is growing up so fast too. Someone tell my boys to stop growing!! Finn had such a hard time eating for a long time, but suddenly he eats almost everything (still has a hard time with slimy vegetables/fruits unless they're drenched in a tangy sauce like spaghetti or something garlicky). It's such a relief to put him in the highchair with food and HE EATS IN ON HIS OWN instead of it being a battle. At one point I was spending about 4 hours a day just feeding Finn. SO glad that stage is over. 

He has started talking like crazy. It's so cute. He can say a bunch of things, although they all are a little off, so only Gideon or I can understand them. Some of his words are baby-"bee bee," daddy, mommy, grandma -"ma ma," grandpa- "bom pa,"more -"mo," no no, dog, which is almost the same as blankie, ball- "baw,' and a few more. He says "dee dee" for blankie, which he is OBSESSED with. He has to have it while he eats, in the car, in the grocery store, etc. Lots of the time he just lays on the floor snuggling his "dee dee" and saying its name over and over, giggling. It's the cutest thing. He loves the corner fold of it and always finds it and sticks his finger in it. It's so adorable it kills me. Oh one more thing. Wherever we go, he waves bye bye to people (he can also say it). In Costco he just waves bye bye to the masses at the food court when we leave. Once a lady eating her pizza way in the back waved back at him. It was pretty funny. And he also thinks that every man older than 30 is a grandpa. He signs grandpa at people all the time and it's awkward because they think he's waving hi in a weird way. Then I have to explain that he's signing grandpa; I usually just say "you just look like my dad," which is a total lie 95% of the time. 

He is also obsessed with helping. I taught him how to say help, which is now "ha-pu." He hasn't quite figured out how to do a hard stop after the P sound. But now he loves to help me do everything and can say it, so I have to let him. It's really cute. He helps me mop, vacuum (holding onto it while I vacuum/mop), he helps me put the dishes away, put the clothes into the dryer, etc. He gets really mad if I put something away without letting him help. He even helps me when I dust-I just give him a clean rag and he goes to town wiping everything down. Oh and he also knows how to clean up his milk when he spills it. I just tell him to wipe it up and he grabs the towel and wipes it all up. It's so funny. Especially when he grabs Mason's dirty pants or something to clean it up. Classic. I think he needs a little toddler toy vacuum for christmas. 

These sweet boys are getting so big and I am so happy that I am home with them to watch them grow up every day. I love being a stay at home mom just as much as I thought I would. It's harder than I expected but way more fulfilling that I expected also. Having two kids has forced me to be more efficient with my time, and I am actually happier and more productive since I have gotten the hang of it. It's nice to always be busy. But you also enjoy the quiet time even more! I love my boys more than I can express and I couldn't be happier. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mason's one month photoshoot

These are just a few of the gorgeous pictures that my sister in law Lynn took of Mason at one month. They are so beautiful and I'm absolutely in love with them!

We sure love our little Mason. Finn can't stop kissing him and saying "bebee" and giving him his binkie.

He is such a happy boy; he almost always wakes up cooing and doing the biggest smiles. He is already so social. It's so fun seeing how different he and Finn are. They sure look like brothers though! Mason is just so content o be, and he is already sleeping through the night (like 8 hours through the night)!!

We sure are lucky to have this new little boy in our family. I don't know what we ever did without him.

We love you Mason!


I've been pondering lately about my role as a mother and how I don't want to take this part of my life for granted.

I've always been a goal oriented person. I had a job from the day I turned 16 until I had my first baby. It was an adjustment to not work outside the home or be in school and have a list of things getting checked off.

It has been so wonderful though. It has been a good adjustment; like if a 500 pound woman got lipo and suddenly had the body of a supermodel; it would take some getting used to a totally different body, but it would be a NICE thing to get used to.

That's how I feel about being a stay at home mom. It's the best thing I've ever done. It's also the hardest. It takes more mental and physical energy than anything else in the world. But the love and happiness that the work yields is exponentially more than anything else.

Sometimes I catch myself longing to go back to school or take a part time job. There is nothing wrong with doing either of these things, and I have no judgement for anyone who does both, as every single situation is different. But right now, that's just not in the works for me. And I'm ok with it. Largely because the reason I want to do all those things is to feel productive. I tend to forget that raising my beautiful little boys is plenty productive!!

I am very very lucky that we can get by without me working right now. Gideon makes that possible (with some extra help from our father in heaven) and for that I will always be grateful. I just want to focus on being there for my kids.

I want them to remember me playing blocks with them on the floor and chasing them up and down the halls, not remember how clean our house was or that everything was always so organized. I want to foster their imagination and self esteem. I want to teach them to love; both themselves and others. To be kind. I want to teach them that its ok to be different and how to use their imagination. How to stick to their principles and still be understanding of others'.

I guess the point of this post is just to say that I'm so very lucky and blessed. I know that. I don't want to ever take this beautiful little family and my life for granted. Sometimes it's hard, it's true. Sometimes I get overwhelmed. But at the end of the day, I get down on my knees and thank God for giving me the most precious gifts I could ever ask for. And I'm so immensely grateful.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I keep procrastinating posting about Mason's birth because it's kind of emotional to think about the whole process in detail. And by the time I have time at night to sit down and do it, I'm too exhausted from the day so I just don't post anything. DUMB!! I have the most beautiful pictures of this sweet boy's birth, and here they are. They tell the story alone, but I am just going to tell the simple story and keep all those emotions inside for another lengthier post.

August 1, 2012, 10:33 p.m.
7lbs 10oz, 21in

I had been to the Dr. that morning to be checked, and I was a 4. So I took Finn to target, even though I had been having contractions all day. Man did I regret that! I saw Miriam in the store and tried to keep conversation going while having contractions. . . awkward. I barely made it home and by then I knew I couldn't handle Finn and these hefty contractions, so I decided to go pick up Gideon from school. By the time I got to BYU, I knew we should just head straight for the hospital. So, we dropped my first baby off at Miriam and Aaron's house to hang out with cousin Jade, and headed off to bring baby two into the world.

I was sure Gideon would be back within a few hours to pick up Finn. After all, Finn's labor was only about 4 hours long and that was my first! I figured this would be a quickie birth. Done and done. Boy was I wrong. Our experience this time was slow and peaceful, in contrast to the crazy whirlwind experience we had with Finn's birth. I progressed slowly and at first it was really nice. Gideon was so wonderful and supportive and was so helpful. We had a beautiful, bonding experience together and I loved it. My midwife was amazing; I've never felt so taken care of by someone not my husband or mom. Everything was fairly manageable (relatively speaking). I was talking and laughing between contractions, proud of myself at how well I was handling this. But by the time I'd been there for 5 hours and I had only progressed 3 1/2 centimeters, I was at my breaking point. I had mentally prepared for the pain; but I had planned on pain for maybe an hour or two. True to it's character, labor isn't ever what you think it will be, even the second time around. Mason had turned posterior, or "sunny side up," and I was in hell (posterior babies are supposed to be way way way more painful than a regular birth. Having experienced both, I'd agree whole heartedly with that). I was on the verge of yelling very horrific obscenities when everyone agreed it was a good idea to just get a spinal. I was 8 1/2 centimeters and thought I was going to die when the man of the hour showed up: the anesthesiologist. That man has got a one way ticket to heaven for SURE. I got the spinal and 10 minutes later, Mason was born. Because I went from an 81/2 to 10 in about 2 minutes, literally, my sweet boys heart rate dropped to about 50 and things got crazy. Everyone was freaking out and told me to just push as hard as I could because we had to get him out NOW (she later told me if it had taken just a few pushes longer they would have done an emergency cesarean). So lucky for me Mason was low to begin with, and I only had to push through two contractions before he was out.

He actually didn't need any extra help, in spite of what they thought he would need given the drop in his heart rate. He was healthy, beautiful, perfect, everything I wanted plus 50 bucks. :) My sweet baby boy was finally in my arms and I couldn't have been happier. The nurses all commented on his long feet, which is the same comment Finn got. Just like his big brother. He calmed right down for me, snuggled his tiny, warm body up to me and we fell in love then. Really truly. It was 10:33.

Thank you to my sister in law Miriam for shooting the birth, even though she was about 29 weeks pregnant herself! And to Jared and Lynn for the equipment and editing. What a great team I have. :)

breathing through contractions 
gideon held my hand like a champ
see? I wasn't lying about laughing between contractions
when things started getting rough
trying out the birthing ball
 holding on for dear life
there are no words. If you haven't had a baby, you can't judge this face.
and, stiiiil no progress. a little annoyed.
then wham! baby. so. fast.

hi sweet Mason! 

proudest daddy I know

We have been in heaven with this little boy ever since. He has been sleeping through the night for almost a month (as in 6-10 hours a night)!! I am very very lucky, this I know. Finn adores him and can't stop kissing him and saying "beebeeee." It's obvious to me that these two have a special connection. We've started catching Mason smiling up at his brother quite frequently. It's beautiful. I am more in love with my little family than ever before. We are so content and happy and feel so blessed. God is good. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

35 Weeks and 4th of July

I am feeling very very done with being pregnant. Poor Gideon has been putting up with a very crabby beast of a wife these days. I'm so much bigger than last time and it's just so so hot. I have crazy heartburn 24/7, I can't sleep any more (up puking my guts out at 4 am this week. . . awesome), I can't breathe, my back and groin is constantly killing me, my feet feel like someone beat them with cinder blocks all day long, and I also feel like someone keeps hitting me with a metal baseball bat in the crotch, thanks to Mason's attempts to vacate his residence a little bit early (wow that was a LOT of complaining, and information. Sorry. Feels good to get it out though!) Oh and one more thing. I have no idea how there are women in the world who just go on and on about how they love being pregnant. That blows my mind!! I have a few friends and know of lots more women who feel totally fine during pregnancy. I know about half a dozen ( literally ) women who are due within a week of my due date. Every time I ask one of them how they're doing and they say "Fine! I feel so great!" I just want to kick them in the shins and stomp away. Maybe I'm just a negative person or something, and maybe I am just a total wimp, but when someone asks me how I'm doing I try and say "fine" because I think that implies "fine for being 9 months pregnant, as in I'm not experiencing any life threatening complications, thank you." Truthfully I'm glad there are people who experience more comfortable pregnancies than me. But I don't want to hear about how great they feel when I am wishing I could die.  I know it is all so worth it and I really do feel so lucky to be able to bring my children into this world. But really. . . with every braxton hicks I just keep hoping it will turn into the real thing and pregnancy will be over! (If you read this in 15 years Mason, please know how much moms go through for their kids and give me a break from your teenage ways. Although I'm sure you're going to be the perfect child and never rebel or be sassy or anything-I'm just covering my bases ;) )

On a lighter note, Finn has started giving my belly soft sweet kisses instead of the head-butt he used to think qualified as "kisses for baby Mason." So that's a relief- maybe he's catching on to the whole "be soft" thing and won't mangle the new baby when he comes home.

4th of July

Our 4th was so very laid back this year. It was too hot to do much, we are on a student budget and Gideon had school. We mostly tried to distract ourselves from the fact that almost all of Gideon's family was together for a reunion in California. We so wanted to be there with the family, but we were lucky enough to go last year and there will be plenty of years in the future that we'll be able to go. 

We had waffles for breakfast and spent most of the day watching history channel's show about the revolution. So nerdy, I know, but we loved it. We decided since we couldn't do our own barbecue, to go down to the BYU Creamery and get burgers and fries. Their burgers taste just like the homemade ones I had growing up. So yummy! Finn behaved long enough for us to eat and it was pretty fun.

Even though we didn't do anything super fun like we have in years past, it was really nice for Gideon to have the day off and just enjoy being together as a family. Finn keeps us quite entertained these days anyways. :) We remembered our fun traditions from growing up, and looked forward to the fun family get togethers we hope to have in the future. And most of all, we felt a real gratitude for a safe and peaceful place to live, where we enjoy so many wonderful freedoms. Thanks to all the service men and women who put their lives at stake, who work so hard and sacrifice so much so that we can sleep soundly in our beds at night. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Gideon and I are just realizing that we have reached the beginning of a new phase in life: The "my kids ruined everything I own of value" phase. Gideon has been in the bedroom for half an hour trying to figure out why the printer wasn't working. He emerged triumphantly, declaring that he had found the problem: A small piece of graham cracker shoved deep in the recesses of the mechanics of the printer (the printer is kept on our closet floor and Finn is also in the stage of shoving random objects in strange places). He also found a piece of string in there. Sheesh. We had a good laugh at that one.

Having some boy time while mommy was away. I think this little guy likes his daddy, what do you think?

Fell asleep on the way home from taking Gideon to school. 
We are even more in love than ever with our silly little boy these days, in spite of his efforts to gum up any working thing in our house. He brings so much light and happiness into our home and we really feel truly blessed to  be his parents. He is growing up so fast. Today he finally figured out how to climb onto the couch all by himself (he's been working on that one for weeks). He loves loves LOVES playing on the couch, and since he can now get up on his own I guess I just have to make sure he doesn't fall off onto his head. Also this week, he had his first dum dum sucker. I know, I must be a horrible parent for not giving my kid a sucker until he is 16 months old, but I resisted as long as I could. We gave him one at the doctor's office and HOLY COW. Now I know why people always have baskets full of those things in waiting rooms! Thank you to whoever invented dum dums.

First sucker. YUM!

Speaking of the doctor, we were there for a prenatal visit this week, and it was such a good appointment. We (my midwife and I) were worried the baby might be attempting to make an early arrival, but we were so happy to find that I hadn't progressed at all in 2 weeks. So, back to normal timing. I never thought I'd say I'm happy to know I'll be pregnant for a few more weeks, but in this case it's good. I'm at the end stage where you are so so miserable (especially in 100 degree weather!! Gross!), but I want this little guy to be healthy and happy when he comes out. I'll be 35 weeks on Thursday, so in 2 1/2 weeks I'll be walking up a storm trying to get things moving along with this little boy. We are so excited to meet him and I am so very excited for Finn to have a brother, especially so close in age. I think they are going to have a special bond (disregard this post if in 4 months I'm posting about Finn banging his toys on his baby brother's head . . .).

After a 3 hour nap, with the hair to prove it!

Gideon is doing summer school (he also did spring term) and it's keeping him very very busy. Of course, he always manages to spend a decent (more than I should expect) amount of time at home with us, but I can tell his school load is really weighing on him this summer. And if I notice, then it must be heavy (he never really gets stressed or worried about school). He is still working part time on campus doing maintenance for the dorms and I'm SO happy that he has that job. It's so flexible with his school schedule and I think he really enjoys working with his hands and fixing stuff. I think it's a good stress reliever. I am so insanely proud of him and how hard he works to support our little family AND doing full time school at the same time (and managing to pull straight As also). Sorry to brag, but it's my family blog, the one acceptable place that I can brag about my handsome, brilliant husband. :) He is such a gem and I feel so lucky to be sharing my life with him. It's rough getting through school sometimes, living on student loans, stretching the money, sacrificing time and family get togethers to get it done, but it feels so good to put our heads down and move forward, together. I think these years of "making something of ourselves" have brought us together and made us a stronger couple in so many ways. I really am grateful to be on this journey with such an awesome guy.

Well, that's my Sunday Spiel (sidenote: it took me a few tries-along with Gideon's help-to figure out how to spell Spiel. Schpeal? Speal?  Ha ha).

Oh--also, my very best friend in the whole world came to visit this week. She was coming for a concert and made time to see me and take me out on the town, her old, pregnant, washed up pal. :) We went shopping and to the Cheesecake Factory and had some good chat time. Even though I woke up with sore calves and my feet were killing me the next day, it was well worth spending time with a dear dear friend. I love her to pieces. Thanks Jesse!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I haven't had too many crazy cravings with this pregnancy, and luckily I've had zero aversions. With Finn I couldn't eat chicken.

In my first trimester this time around, I couldnt get enough lime stuff. Limeade, lime juice on my food, you name it. I could have sucked on a half a lime and been happy.

Then I moved on to anything with a vinegar taste. Vinegarrete dressing in veggies was a staple. Also around that time was barbecue chips. YUM. And normally I HATE anything barbecued flavored. Strange.

Now in the last trimester I am just so big and hot that I love me something cold and crunchy. I can't get enough watermelon and shaved ice. Last night Gideon and I ate almost an entire watermelon- and most of it was me. It came back to bite me when I had to pee about a million times in the night!
The other thing I seem to really like is root beer- SO SO strange because I have always HATED root beer. But for some reason it tastes so good to me.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Sorry, this is the only photo I have to put up at the moment. Don't you just wish you were sleeping this peacefully right now? I always just want to climb into his crib and snuggle with him. :)

Wow, it has been a busy month (I feel like all my blog posts start out that way or very similar. . .sorry)!

For starters, poor Finn has had such a rough time. He had finally gotten over his 3rd ear infection (2nd and 3rd were only a month apart), when a few weeks later he came down with a croupy cough. We took him to the doctor and they gave him a dose of steroids for his lungs (which were tight), and said he had croup. Well, a little more than a week later he was still coughing and very very runny-nosed, so we took him back to the doctor. He sent us to the hospital to get Finn tested for Pertussis aka Whooping Cough, and it was not a fun process. They laid him down and had to swaddle him, then stuck a coffee straw sized tube WAY the heck up his nose to suck out mucus to test. I swear that thing went so far up, they sucked out a little bit of brain! Needless to say Finn was screaming and flailing while Gideon and I just tried to hold him down. Luckily the tech was super nice and they even had a bag full of toys for him to take home (which contained some of what are his new favorite toys).

So the test results came back and guess what? He had Pertussis! It was surprisingly not as scary as it sounds. I was just so surprised that he could get it, since he has had every singe vaccine on time, including pertussis, and Gideon and I were both vaccinated for Pertussis before we ever even took him home from the hospital when he was born. But apparently only 80% of people who receive the vaccine become immune, and children don't even get the full dose of the vaccine until they're about 5 (it's given in a series). So we all had to do a round of antibiotics (Finn to get him better, Gideon and I just to be safe). The doctor is required to report it to the health department, who then called me and asked me a bunch of questions about who we had been in contact with since Finn started showing symptoms, where we think he could have gotten it, blah blah blah. They even sent a letter to the bishop of our church to read to the congregation to let people know there had been a case of Pertussis in the ward (we renamed nameless) and to urge people to vaccinate. It's really good that they are keeping up on all of that stuff, but it was just a little overwhelming.

Finn still has a very slight cough, even though he is no longer contagious (none of us are thanks to those handy dandy antibiotics). Once you've contracted Pertussis you can cough for up to 100 days even after you've received treatment. Crazy. When it was at it's worst, Finn would cough so hard he would throw up everywhere. It was not pretty. I'm sad to report a casualty from all of it, one newly sewn pillow. Oh well. I'm just glad my sweet little boy is feeling better and back to being the little ham that he is!

Speaking of that, he really is such a silly little boy. He just makes us laugh out loud all day long! He makes the funniest noises, laughs when we laugh, gets himself into the silliest predicaments, and gets annoyed at the funniest things. He is still a very picky eater, and we're trying to get him off of the pureed only diet. . . not much luck so far. He is entering the tantrum throwing phase- which I thought came later? He must have my fiery personality. I'm scared to see where that will take us! We just love this little guy so much and are so happy and blessed that he is healthy and doing ok.

I am getting so so excited to see him interact with his new little brother when he gets here. We've taught him how to sign "baby", and now at the grocery store or when he sees babies on TV or is around his cousins, he signs "baby." It's so cute. I just hope he doesn't get too curious and poke Mason's eyes out or beat him over the head with a toy! It would be all out of love, but we'll have to keep a close eye on those two. :)

And when is this new baby boy supposed to arrive, you ask? That is the question of the day around here. I have been feeling SO MUCH PRESSURE around where babies typically enter the world, to avoid being graphic, and I've been having a LOT of really  painful / fairly frequent braxton hicks contractions. So at my 32 week appointment last week, I told my midwife all about it and she decided to check me just to be sure. Well, I am 1cm and 50% (if you are reading this and don't know what that means, I won't explain it to you. Google it). Also, his head is "a lot lower than it needs to be at this point," to quote my midwife.

Bottom line, this kid is on his way out! Slowly but surely, progress is being made. My midwife pretty much said that we only had a few more weeks where it would be really bad for him to be born. The vibe I got from what she was saying is that after 34 weeks, it's game on! I really hope that this little boy stays in there until I am at least 37 weeks, but we'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully at my 34 week appointment I won't have made very much progress. In the meantime, I have been sort of doing a mad dash (as much as you can dash with a bowling ball between your legs) to get things ready around here for our little Mason, since I have no clue when he'll show up. I got the fridge cleaned out, washed the baby clothes (I forgot how tiny newborn stuff is!!), and bought the bathtub and bouncer (we bought really crappy ones for finn that didn't work).

We're almost ready for you Mason, so stay in there a little while longer and get fat!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just a Few Things . . .

A few things I need to put up so I can remember the humor of it in 15 years. Finn woke up at 4:45 Saturday morning and decided he was up for the day. By 6 we finally accepted that fact as well. Gideon, being the sweet wonderful husband he is, let his very pregnant wife pass out on the couch for a few hours while he played with Finn.

For some reason, Finn thinks its hilarious when he sees me sleeping and loves to run up to my face wih toys and stuff and laugh super hard. It's cute, but also strangely easy to sleep through once you hit a certain point of exhaustion. Well he was doing this for a while Saturday morning, until finally I fell asleep hard enough not to notice. But alas, I was finally awoken by Finn pulling my face towards him and shoving pieces of shredded toilet paper into my mouth. I was so out of it and didn't fight at first, but quickly came to and realized I was eating paper. It was a really funny but had to be there moment.

So I woke up around 8:30 and let Gideon sleep while I took over Finn duty. Lucky for me, I put him in his high chair to eat and he started falling asleep in his chair mid-bite (he's started doing that a lot lately). So the poor guy was passed out hard core in his crib by 9:00. I got a lot of house chores done while Gideon slept for a few hours and so did Finn. Turned out to be quite a morning!