Sunday, November 4, 2012

Date Night

Friday night Jared and Lynn came down and babysat both of our boys, plus had their little girl (3 kids under 2), so we could go on a date, just the two of us. We can't thank them enough!! It was magical.

We kept it simple; a half off coupon for our favorite sushi place made for a good deal. While we waited for a table we strolled the river woods and we bought some bath and body works candles (after making poor Gideon help me pick a smell. How does it all smell the same to guys?). We window shopped at a few more shops as well. It was so nice to stroll hand in hand without the little ones crying or needing to be carried, etc. We were carefree and dare I say we giggled. . . We felt young again and it was so great. We finished the night with some yummy cupcakes and hot cocoa. And it's always fun to come home from a date to your kids sleeping peacefully and then have some fun hanging out with the babysitters! We love having our family so close and will be sad to leave in a year. Thanks again Jared and Lynn!

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  1. You guys ARE young! And where are you going in a year? I love the pictures of your boys!