Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I finally figured out that I can blog from my iPhone. Woo hoo!! I will be posting so much more now- since the thing that has always slowed me down is taking the time to transfer photos from my phone to the computer. Here are a few photos of recent happenings in our house. A few things going on:

Finn just turned 15 months last week. He is such a tiny little guy!! While his head is measuring in the 92%, he is in the 6th for his weight and 9th for his height. He has had a rough couple of months too. In the last two months he has cut two teeth, had two ear infections, and had croup. He is just now starting to get over a nasty cold and cough that went along with the croup. He would cough so hard at night that he would throw up. Poor guy! We have spent a lot of time at the pediatricians office. Good thing we love our doctor! But overall, when he's not super sick, our little Finny is such a sweet, happy boy. He loves his daddy and loves getting chased around the house by him! He also loves his blankie- it's a must have for him to take a nap or go to bed. He is signing a lot, which is so nice! He knows how to sign the words more, outside (he signs this all day long- the kid LOVES the outdoors), milk, food/eat, all done, clothes, and dog. He mostly just says dog, though (doot) to he exact. He loves his bath time and any water. I can't wait to take him to the pool! He is getting such a silly sense of humor. He does this silly fake laugh if we are laughing, or sometimes he just randomly walks up to you with his mouth opened as wide as he can, laughing in your face. He knows where baby mason is (he lifts up my shirt and pats my tummy) and he will give him kisses. It's so sweet. He also loves sesame street (the Show or his books) and especially loves Elmo! I Can't think of anything else. . . I'm sure there's more. This little boy is always coming up with new ways to stay busy and get into trouble! We love him so much and are so happy to have him in our family!

The other little one around here (baby Mason, due in Aug) is getting big and so wild! He pushes so hard on my tummy that it really hurts sometimes. I'm glad he is healthy though and I'm so excited for Finn to have a little brother. In the meantime, I've been putting on a lot of weight (about 20 lbs so far- more than I gained with Finns entire pregnancy) and I still have 10 weeks to go! It makes a difference not throwing up the whole time I guess! I have definitely developed FatFace though. It's not pretty. But it's worth it in the end I guess! We can't wait to meet you sweet little Mason!!

Here are a few pics ( not sure how they'll post from my phone ) . . . One of me at 30 weeks. It's not pretty but I figured I should just get a pic. Even the "good" ones aren't very good these days. And can you tell it's easiest taking pictures of Finn when he's asleep?