Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kitty Surprise

We keep finding little critters in our window well. In the fall, we found a little mouse living under the air conditioner unit. I saw it when I opened the blinds one day. Ew! Well, Monday I opened the blinds and saw a little kitten curled up in the corner! I HATE cats, but little kitties aren't so bad. I thought. I brought the little guy inside and tried to carry it outside (I didn't want it to crawl around because I am allergic), but it jumped around, clawed my arms, and I even got a super bad rug burn on my knee when I dove to catch it. So I took it out to the grass. The poor little guy was starving, so we fed him some tuna and water. Lynn was over and it scared her half to death; can't blame her. The little thing acutally chased her around the yard. It wanted her sandwich. I thought that was more of a dog thing? Anywho, after it meowed at our door for a while, Gideon finally took it to the park where he ditched it when it ran off to play. Hope it was ok! Oh and don't worry, we checked with the neighbors before giving it away to the friendly people in the park.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend

My sexy husband with his easter basket.

Up at conference

My mom requested some new pictures on the blog today. I guess I've been slacking. Here's a little bit of what went on Easter weekend for us. It was a busy and super fun weekend! Friday night was Gideon's mission reunion. It was really fun to meet all of the people he always talks about, and to see some old friends. Ben spent the night Friday, and we headed up all three of us for the afternoon session of conference. It was so fun to be up there! Even though it was freezing, and we barely made it in on time, we loved it! It's always so fun when so many members of the church are all concentrated into one place. (Wait, that's how it is everywhere here. . . ) We were so sad my mom couldn't come up, but since we had an extra ticket, we had our cousin Bryndon come with us. It was so good to see him! Then we spent Saturday evening at the Smylie's. It was so fun to have almost every sibling there. Naomi and Colin came from Idaho, Hannah and Sean came from Bountiful, and Bethany and Tammy even came from Eureka! The girls ate chocolate cake while the boys went to priesthood session, and the rest of the evening was spent eating chips and salsa over Sarah's baby bump while we felt the new baby moving around. So fun. We had tickets for the Sunday morning session also, so we headed back up bright and early the next morning. Hearing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing was so amazing. It is always so wonderful to be in the same room as those wonderful inspired men who are the mouthpiece of the Lord in modern days. This conference was extra special to me. There were some very special messages shared through the Spirit, and both Gideon and I felt very lucky to be there this last weekend. I am so grateful for the wonderful blessing that Heavenly Father has given us, to have guidance and direction in a world where there is so much confusion. The gospel of Jesus Christ really is the gospel of peace and joy! We ran into some old childhood friends outside the conference center, then headed home for the afternoon session. Gideon and Ben were hangin on for dear life, and they barely made it through the closing prayer. Then I gave Gideon his Easter basket Sunday evening. So that was our first Easter together! Awesome weekend. We love being around so much family and miss everyone who's not here.

Ben . . . during conference. Ha ha

The boys . . . about 2 minutes after the closing prayer