Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is for you, Caitlin

I found this old video on my computer tonight. This was what my sister in law, Caitlin, and I used to do all the time. We were seniors in high school in this video. For some reason, we thought it was the most fun EVER to jump in the pool in our clothes. We loved it. Love you Caitlin! Can't wait to see you soon.

Reality Check

Funny how we think life is so hard. I have been feeling like I am just "fighting the good fight" with going to school and working. Poor me, with my opportunity for education, a decent job and a safe home with food to eat. My life is just so hard. I felt so ashamed for those thoughts and feelings as I read this article in Marie Claire magazine today. The story is about a young cambodian girl who was sold into sex slavery when she was just seven years old. By her own mother. The details of the story twisted my heart as I got lost in the words of her account of things she has gone through. Even now, the tears still come when I think of these poor girls. It is beyond my comprehension to think of all the amazing comforts I enjoy every single day, without a thought. And while I am sleeping soundly in my bed, these poor innocent girls are enduring what I could never even dream of. As I read about this young woman's amazing life story, her struggle for survival, and her hope for some semblance of normalcy, I kept thinking, something has to be done. As it turns out, something is being done! Somaly Mam, a former sex slave who was sold to verious brothel's (prostitue factories) for 10+ years, escaped and has developed an entire organization dedicated to helping these beautiful young women. There are many ways to donate and help. You can visit the website by clicking here. At the very least, please take a few minutes to read her story. You won't be able to forget her either.