Thursday, July 29, 2010

No More Tail

Just wanted to say, that our baby's tail is gone. Woo hoo! It's now the size of a grape. We get to hear the heartbeat in 10 days. Can't wait!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ode To The Bloat

*Note: This is NOT a picture of my stomach.*

Well, for someone who loves shopping, I sure didn't enjoy shopping for clothes tonight. Nothing fits me. My pants had to be unbuttoned all day today. Ok, lets be honest. I unzipped them, too, every time I was sitting. Granted they were on the verge of being a tad too small before I got pregnant, but they just hit their limit. I know that since I'm only about 8 weeks I'm not really "showing" yet, but lots of other parts of me sure are growing at an alarming rate! And it's not just the ladies upstairs. Although they seem to be pretty excited about this baby business too. In case you were wondering, bra shopping by yourself-especially maternity/nursing bra shopping- is always a bad idea. I have no idea what I just bought. Target doesn't have those naggy saleswomen walking around with measuring tapes the way Victoria's Secret does. I must admit I missed them, standing in Target looking like an idiot and feeling like I was picking out my first training bra or something. Totally ignorant. But I did find some semi-cute (thank you, target, for making something besides a peasant top) skirts and looser t-shirts that won't advertise how much my cup size goes up every week. Sheesh! I can't believe people pay to get those things bigger. Man. Stomach shrinking lipo, on the other hand? I can see that. I feel like I could use some right now. Let me just say, water weight and bloating make you feel about 5 months prego when you're only about two. It's just depressing knowing that it's not your precious baby sticking over your pants. It's the extra piece of cake you ate before she even got in there. But alas, I am still as happy as ever to be even having something like this to complain about! And it's really not that bad. I was so so so nauseated last weekend, but thanks to God's gift to man, ZOFRAN (an anit-nausea medication), I am feeling much more human and able to function. Crazy how a blueberry-soon-to-be-lima-bean can change your whole body and your life! I love it. It is really an amazing miracle.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Little Blueberry

That's right . . . we're PREGNANT!! It still feels wierd saying that. Although he/she is only the size of a blueberry, it sure is making it's presence known in there. I have been having the wierdest dreams of my life (last night I was taking care of a poopy diaper but also hangin out with the Kardashian sisters in our new mansion. What?!?), I wake up at 5 a.m. every morning to pee, and so far even dry toast makes me want to vomit. No actual regurgitation happened yet, but I am beginning to think it would be worth it if I could just enjoy one meal. I can't even look at saltine crackers any more. Oh, and poor Gideon had to just hold me and stroke my hair as I fell asleep crying the other night. I honestly can't even remember what about. I woke up thinking "why was I crying?!?" It's a little unnerving and very embarrassing having very little control over your emotions. Also, my house is a complete mess. I always pride myself on keeping a clean house, but I guess I should just get used to it now since it will never be clean again when the baby comes. But we are so happy and very excited to welcome a new little person into our family! I guess for now I just have to try to get along in there with our growing little one.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Man

Gideon is at school right now. Drilling things into his mind that he slightly cares about, all for something he really cares about. His family. I slept in until eleven a.m. today. Him? He came to bed two hours after I did last night, about 1:45 in the morning. He was up doing homework. So dilligent. Then he woke up without the slightest hint of a complaint about the sheer exhaustion I know he feels, at 8:00 a.m. Before he left, he woke me up so we could kneel in prayer together to start the day. Ok, I use the word "kneeling" loosely here. For me at least. My heart is a little swollen as I sit here, in my cozy quiet little one bedroom apartment, enjoying the slowness of my day today as he is working away somewhere. I love that man. His hard work and kindness and positive attitude have molded my world into something more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

365 Days.

Today is our first anniversary! This year has seriously flown by soooo fast. We have been so happy and I'm happy to say that we are even more in love than the day we got married last year-if that's even possible. Gideon surprised me today by having these beautiful flowers sent to me at work! He even picked out the ones that were pink and orange, our wedding colors. How thoughtful! I have never ever ever been given flowers in my entire life (except from my parents after my ballet recital when I was 5. Thanks guys). I felt like a million bucks! After I got off work, Gideon took his break early so we could go to lunch together. While we were eating our kneaders in the car, "our song" came on the radio! It is a really old kinda stupid song that you never hear, so it was awesome. Made us laugh that we used to love such a dorky song. We are going out Monday to actually celebrate though, with a couple's massage and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum! But today was a great day. I am so lucky to be married to such an amazing man who makes the world a better place and who makes me a better person. Thanks for a great day, Honey! Love you!

Here are a few pictures of our wedding day. . .

And some old photos of when we first started dating, almost 4 years ago! Crazy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Miriam's Baby Shower

We threw a baby shower for Miriam last night. The best part was that Naomi surprised everyone and came down for the party from Rexburg.It was awesome. It turned out great and it was so fun to get so many women in such a small space! Watch this video and you'll see what I mean. Can't get enough!

4th of July Weekend

We had an awesome week to start out the month. My family came up to Idaho (most of them...we missed the ones who didn't come!), and on their way through they stopped in Utah. Adam got to call Gideon's little brother, Isaac, whom he is obsessed with. So cute. Isaac was such a good sport talking to Adam on the phone. It made Adam SO happy. Thanks Isaac!

We hung out for a few days with my mom and Adam here in Utah. We went to Nordstrom's Rack and Tai Pan Trading. Gideon was so great helping out with Adam, pushing him around in his wheelchair and giving him piggy backs. We had so much fun!

THEN. . .

We all ended up in my parents home town of Shelley, Idaho at my grandparents house for the 4th. It was so great to see so much family and enjoy the holiday! Ben made us ice cream all weekend, we played cards and vegged on t.v. at my grandparents house, and the boys hit golf balls on Grandpa's yard in the evenings. It was so much fun!

Two of the Katie (Caitie) Nalders! There are three of us in the family named Katie Nalder, although I am now Katie Medley. Good thing! It was getting confusing.

On Monday, Gideon and I went up to Rexburg where Naomi and Colin live. Naomi made tons of great food and we all had a little picnic. Good weather and good food, couldn't ask for more!

After lunch, Naomi took us to the concert hall and played the cello for us. She is amazing! I recorded a little snipped of her playing for us.

Gideon sang while she played AND sang. I am so lucky I get to listen to their musical talent all the time!