Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July Weekend

We had an awesome week to start out the month. My family came up to Idaho (most of them...we missed the ones who didn't come!), and on their way through they stopped in Utah. Adam got to call Gideon's little brother, Isaac, whom he is obsessed with. So cute. Isaac was such a good sport talking to Adam on the phone. It made Adam SO happy. Thanks Isaac!

We hung out for a few days with my mom and Adam here in Utah. We went to Nordstrom's Rack and Tai Pan Trading. Gideon was so great helping out with Adam, pushing him around in his wheelchair and giving him piggy backs. We had so much fun!

THEN. . .

We all ended up in my parents home town of Shelley, Idaho at my grandparents house for the 4th. It was so great to see so much family and enjoy the holiday! Ben made us ice cream all weekend, we played cards and vegged on t.v. at my grandparents house, and the boys hit golf balls on Grandpa's yard in the evenings. It was so much fun!

Two of the Katie (Caitie) Nalders! There are three of us in the family named Katie Nalder, although I am now Katie Medley. Good thing! It was getting confusing.

On Monday, Gideon and I went up to Rexburg where Naomi and Colin live. Naomi made tons of great food and we all had a little picnic. Good weather and good food, couldn't ask for more!

After lunch, Naomi took us to the concert hall and played the cello for us. She is amazing! I recorded a little snipped of her playing for us.

Gideon sang while she played AND sang. I am so lucky I get to listen to their musical talent all the time!


  1. I love the photos! That one of Adam and Gideon is SO CUTE. I love having you in our family Kate.

  2. I love that song she was playing. Do you know what it's called? And I'm so excited to finally see pics of your brother:)

  3. SO SO fun! I wish we could have come!!! boo hoo!

  4. hey my brother in law is from shelly! they were there on the 4th too. his last name is clinger...