Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ode To The Bloat

*Note: This is NOT a picture of my stomach.*

Well, for someone who loves shopping, I sure didn't enjoy shopping for clothes tonight. Nothing fits me. My pants had to be unbuttoned all day today. Ok, lets be honest. I unzipped them, too, every time I was sitting. Granted they were on the verge of being a tad too small before I got pregnant, but they just hit their limit. I know that since I'm only about 8 weeks I'm not really "showing" yet, but lots of other parts of me sure are growing at an alarming rate! And it's not just the ladies upstairs. Although they seem to be pretty excited about this baby business too. In case you were wondering, bra shopping by yourself-especially maternity/nursing bra shopping- is always a bad idea. I have no idea what I just bought. Target doesn't have those naggy saleswomen walking around with measuring tapes the way Victoria's Secret does. I must admit I missed them, standing in Target looking like an idiot and feeling like I was picking out my first training bra or something. Totally ignorant. But I did find some semi-cute (thank you, target, for making something besides a peasant top) skirts and looser t-shirts that won't advertise how much my cup size goes up every week. Sheesh! I can't believe people pay to get those things bigger. Man. Stomach shrinking lipo, on the other hand? I can see that. I feel like I could use some right now. Let me just say, water weight and bloating make you feel about 5 months prego when you're only about two. It's just depressing knowing that it's not your precious baby sticking over your pants. It's the extra piece of cake you ate before she even got in there. But alas, I am still as happy as ever to be even having something like this to complain about! And it's really not that bad. I was so so so nauseated last weekend, but thanks to God's gift to man, ZOFRAN (an anit-nausea medication), I am feeling much more human and able to function. Crazy how a blueberry-soon-to-be-lima-bean can change your whole body and your life! I love it. It is really an amazing miracle.


  1. Call me when you can tomorrow! I want to talk about nursing bras from Target!!! xoxo

  2. My nursing bra is the the most comfortable bra I've ever owned!!!! Also, Old Navy has really cute and not overly prised Maternity clothes. I lived in skirts my last 3 months of pregnancy to survive the heat and loved it.

  3. You know how I feel about Zofran! Saved my LIFE!!

  4. so i had the generic form of zofran, called ondansetron. i'm guessing you had it too? every few hours, jonathan would check up on me to make sure i had taken my "decepticon."

    glad the zofran helps! this post made me miss you a little more than i usually do:)