Saturday, July 7, 2012

35 Weeks and 4th of July

I am feeling very very done with being pregnant. Poor Gideon has been putting up with a very crabby beast of a wife these days. I'm so much bigger than last time and it's just so so hot. I have crazy heartburn 24/7, I can't sleep any more (up puking my guts out at 4 am this week. . . awesome), I can't breathe, my back and groin is constantly killing me, my feet feel like someone beat them with cinder blocks all day long, and I also feel like someone keeps hitting me with a metal baseball bat in the crotch, thanks to Mason's attempts to vacate his residence a little bit early (wow that was a LOT of complaining, and information. Sorry. Feels good to get it out though!) Oh and one more thing. I have no idea how there are women in the world who just go on and on about how they love being pregnant. That blows my mind!! I have a few friends and know of lots more women who feel totally fine during pregnancy. I know about half a dozen ( literally ) women who are due within a week of my due date. Every time I ask one of them how they're doing and they say "Fine! I feel so great!" I just want to kick them in the shins and stomp away. Maybe I'm just a negative person or something, and maybe I am just a total wimp, but when someone asks me how I'm doing I try and say "fine" because I think that implies "fine for being 9 months pregnant, as in I'm not experiencing any life threatening complications, thank you." Truthfully I'm glad there are people who experience more comfortable pregnancies than me. But I don't want to hear about how great they feel when I am wishing I could die.  I know it is all so worth it and I really do feel so lucky to be able to bring my children into this world. But really. . . with every braxton hicks I just keep hoping it will turn into the real thing and pregnancy will be over! (If you read this in 15 years Mason, please know how much moms go through for their kids and give me a break from your teenage ways. Although I'm sure you're going to be the perfect child and never rebel or be sassy or anything-I'm just covering my bases ;) )

On a lighter note, Finn has started giving my belly soft sweet kisses instead of the head-butt he used to think qualified as "kisses for baby Mason." So that's a relief- maybe he's catching on to the whole "be soft" thing and won't mangle the new baby when he comes home.

4th of July

Our 4th was so very laid back this year. It was too hot to do much, we are on a student budget and Gideon had school. We mostly tried to distract ourselves from the fact that almost all of Gideon's family was together for a reunion in California. We so wanted to be there with the family, but we were lucky enough to go last year and there will be plenty of years in the future that we'll be able to go. 

We had waffles for breakfast and spent most of the day watching history channel's show about the revolution. So nerdy, I know, but we loved it. We decided since we couldn't do our own barbecue, to go down to the BYU Creamery and get burgers and fries. Their burgers taste just like the homemade ones I had growing up. So yummy! Finn behaved long enough for us to eat and it was pretty fun.

Even though we didn't do anything super fun like we have in years past, it was really nice for Gideon to have the day off and just enjoy being together as a family. Finn keeps us quite entertained these days anyways. :) We remembered our fun traditions from growing up, and looked forward to the fun family get togethers we hope to have in the future. And most of all, we felt a real gratitude for a safe and peaceful place to live, where we enjoy so many wonderful freedoms. Thanks to all the service men and women who put their lives at stake, who work so hard and sacrifice so much so that we can sleep soundly in our beds at night. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Gideon and I are just realizing that we have reached the beginning of a new phase in life: The "my kids ruined everything I own of value" phase. Gideon has been in the bedroom for half an hour trying to figure out why the printer wasn't working. He emerged triumphantly, declaring that he had found the problem: A small piece of graham cracker shoved deep in the recesses of the mechanics of the printer (the printer is kept on our closet floor and Finn is also in the stage of shoving random objects in strange places). He also found a piece of string in there. Sheesh. We had a good laugh at that one.

Having some boy time while mommy was away. I think this little guy likes his daddy, what do you think?

Fell asleep on the way home from taking Gideon to school. 
We are even more in love than ever with our silly little boy these days, in spite of his efforts to gum up any working thing in our house. He brings so much light and happiness into our home and we really feel truly blessed to  be his parents. He is growing up so fast. Today he finally figured out how to climb onto the couch all by himself (he's been working on that one for weeks). He loves loves LOVES playing on the couch, and since he can now get up on his own I guess I just have to make sure he doesn't fall off onto his head. Also this week, he had his first dum dum sucker. I know, I must be a horrible parent for not giving my kid a sucker until he is 16 months old, but I resisted as long as I could. We gave him one at the doctor's office and HOLY COW. Now I know why people always have baskets full of those things in waiting rooms! Thank you to whoever invented dum dums.

First sucker. YUM!

Speaking of the doctor, we were there for a prenatal visit this week, and it was such a good appointment. We (my midwife and I) were worried the baby might be attempting to make an early arrival, but we were so happy to find that I hadn't progressed at all in 2 weeks. So, back to normal timing. I never thought I'd say I'm happy to know I'll be pregnant for a few more weeks, but in this case it's good. I'm at the end stage where you are so so miserable (especially in 100 degree weather!! Gross!), but I want this little guy to be healthy and happy when he comes out. I'll be 35 weeks on Thursday, so in 2 1/2 weeks I'll be walking up a storm trying to get things moving along with this little boy. We are so excited to meet him and I am so very excited for Finn to have a brother, especially so close in age. I think they are going to have a special bond (disregard this post if in 4 months I'm posting about Finn banging his toys on his baby brother's head . . .).

After a 3 hour nap, with the hair to prove it!

Gideon is doing summer school (he also did spring term) and it's keeping him very very busy. Of course, he always manages to spend a decent (more than I should expect) amount of time at home with us, but I can tell his school load is really weighing on him this summer. And if I notice, then it must be heavy (he never really gets stressed or worried about school). He is still working part time on campus doing maintenance for the dorms and I'm SO happy that he has that job. It's so flexible with his school schedule and I think he really enjoys working with his hands and fixing stuff. I think it's a good stress reliever. I am so insanely proud of him and how hard he works to support our little family AND doing full time school at the same time (and managing to pull straight As also). Sorry to brag, but it's my family blog, the one acceptable place that I can brag about my handsome, brilliant husband. :) He is such a gem and I feel so lucky to be sharing my life with him. It's rough getting through school sometimes, living on student loans, stretching the money, sacrificing time and family get togethers to get it done, but it feels so good to put our heads down and move forward, together. I think these years of "making something of ourselves" have brought us together and made us a stronger couple in so many ways. I really am grateful to be on this journey with such an awesome guy.

Well, that's my Sunday Spiel (sidenote: it took me a few tries-along with Gideon's help-to figure out how to spell Spiel. Schpeal? Speal?  Ha ha).

Oh--also, my very best friend in the whole world came to visit this week. She was coming for a concert and made time to see me and take me out on the town, her old, pregnant, washed up pal. :) We went shopping and to the Cheesecake Factory and had some good chat time. Even though I woke up with sore calves and my feet were killing me the next day, it was well worth spending time with a dear dear friend. I love her to pieces. Thanks Jesse!