Monday, September 27, 2010

Bedtime Snack

A bowl of Kix cereal, followed by some baby dill pickles, washed down with some grape punch. All in between bouts of hysterical laughter with the coolest guy on the planet. What a good combo to settle the stomach. Que the heartburn in about an hour.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Lion King

I couldn't look at the pregnant runner lady any more. Thank goodness for a new reason to blog. Gideon and I went to the Broadway Across America performance of The Lion King last night. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home, so you don't get any new pics. Sorry. We had such a blast though! We got all dressed up. Gideon wore a bow-tie and I wore a silk dress, which barely fit me. I'm drawing near to the end of non pregnancy clothes. We made a night of it and went up to the Happy Sumo in salt lake before the show. I found out that my all time favorite sushi roll is actually cooked, hence safe for a pregnant lady. (Sadly, making me a not-so-hard-core sushi eater. Oh well.) I was a happy camper eating til my belly was full (that rarely happens lately). The show was AMAZING!!!!! I've seen a few productions like Les Miserables and Phantom, but this was different. The costumes were seriously out of this world and that little lady who played Rafiki speaking in actual african dialect? Too much. Plus the music . . . oh the music. Gideon loved it SO much, and that's really what made me happy. I was so excited for him to see something so cool. Especially because he LOVES the original animated movie. It was just so great seeing the play. Anyways. All in all it was such a fun night to go out. We are really trying to take in the joy and the luxury of having date nights without phone calls to a babysitter worrying about the little one. We are so excited to get her/him here, but are cherishing our last few out-on-the-town dates. It might be a while til those come back around.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

exercise . . .

Does parking your car at the far end of the lot at wal-mart and then shopping for 15 minutes count at exercise? Does it count as exercise to vacuum your tiny apartment if you feel that sick almost-going-to-puke feeling after? I used to get that after running six miles. Now, just a leisurely vacuum episode. Walking up a flight of stairs has me a little winded. And after a 30 minute walk in the park? May as well have been the conditioning we did during varsity soccer tryouts in high school. NAP TIME. I'm pretty sure all these things count as exercise when you're pregnant. It's official. All those ladies running marathons and stuff when they're like nine months pregnant...who are you people?!? I guess I should aspire to something greater. But for now I'll take the mall walker pace in wal-mart, thank you very much.

I don't know who this is but it's an ad for maternity workout wear. They are so hard core. It's good to stay active but holy cow!


I've been waiting until I had something positive to say to post on my blog again. Sorry that all the previous pregnancy posts have had a negative air to them. I am still pretty sick but finally I have more energy.For example, it only took me 3 days to build up the strength to tackle the dishes as opposed to a week. I vacuum once a week (Gideon does it one other day during the week) instead of once every 3 weeks. I actually scrubbed my bathtub and cleaned most of the house. Laundry is still piling over, but that's always been a constant battle. Is it strange that so much of my happiness comes from having a clean clean clean house? I may have problems. I am starting to realize that I actually have a tiny little person in there. Hopefully soon I will feel him or her moving around in there. I'm starting to develop a legit bump..the realization that this amazing little person who already has a spirit, personality, and even goals (returning to Heavenly Father probably) is growing inside me and will soon be at my disposal to nurture and love, is quite scary. Wonderful and amazing and so exhilarating, but scary. I can't wait to meet this little one. This little baby who has already turned my life upside-down. Who already makes me teary-eyed when I think about sending him/her off to college (can you say hormone surge??). Every night I pray that Heavenly Father will give me any last trials or lessons or whatever he needs to do to prep me for this up-coming job. Suddenly I'm trying to desperately hang on to memories of how I felt in high school, junior high, as a little girl when barbies and snuggle time with mom and dad was so important. Everything. So I can relate. But in spite of all the variables of parenthood (feels weird saying that word in relation to myself!), I at least know one thing. That this little spirit who is coming is strong. So strong. And that it will have more love than it can even soak up in that tiny little heart. I'm already falling in love.

On that note, we go to find out the gender on October 11th. That's only 3 1/2 weeks! Start making your guesses . . .

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Just when I thought it was over. . .

Apparently I spoke too soon about my vomit days being over. Oh yes, mother nature had quite a different schedule in mind. I started feeling better just days before our cruise, which was such a blessing! I felt fine on the cruise, probably because of all the protein from the seafood and steaks. YUM. Well, we got back and by Saturday night I was covering my mouth with both hands in the parking lot of the movie theater. That was fun.

Today I was working. Finished my second pedicure of the day, which mainly consists of hunching over someone's feet, inhaling the absolutely consuming smell of peppermint foot lotion for an hour. YGUUUGH. That is the sound of "if I smell this one more time I think I might puke." Well, as her nail polish was drying, I discreetly sneaked off the the bathroom to finally do it. When I came out after lots of heaving with plenty to show for it, sweaty and shaky and oh-so-attractive, my co-worker just stood there, pretty grossed out. She had been looking for me. Well, she found me.

I finished her up and then had another client right away, a hair cut. Made it through it, with smiles and "yes i'm fine, how's your day?", all the fake pleasantries we feed to clients. I hope he couldn't smell the lovely stench of oranges and pears the second time around on my breath. Tried to go get some lunch, a cup of noodles and a chocolate doughnut. Now you may not think that sounds healthy or very appetizing, but hey, what the stomach wants, it gets. For the moment. I really thought it was going to stay down as I sat in my car enjoying my meal. Wrong-O! I have never known such shame as being hunched over in front of my car, puking into a pile of bushes that weren't as concealing as I thought, losing my noodles and other things that look almost the same coming up as they did going down. Not to mention, my body seized up so hard in an effort to rid itself of what I thought was good food, that I managed to pee my pants. I don't mean a little squirt. Like, PEED my pants people. All the way through my jeans. It was so great going inside to tell the receptionist I had to leave because I couldn't stop throwing up and because I didn't think it was appropriate to cut my next client's hair with urine running down my legs.

Driving home sitting in your own pee takes you from 22 and mature to 2 years old and wanna cry like a baby pretty quick.

Dear Baby,
Please be nice to me in there. Tell my tummy to take it easy, because I really need to gain back the seven pounds I've lost and put some meat on. I want you coming out cute and fat. Ok? Ok then. Glad we could clear that up.