Thursday, September 16, 2010

exercise . . .

Does parking your car at the far end of the lot at wal-mart and then shopping for 15 minutes count at exercise? Does it count as exercise to vacuum your tiny apartment if you feel that sick almost-going-to-puke feeling after? I used to get that after running six miles. Now, just a leisurely vacuum episode. Walking up a flight of stairs has me a little winded. And after a 30 minute walk in the park? May as well have been the conditioning we did during varsity soccer tryouts in high school. NAP TIME. I'm pretty sure all these things count as exercise when you're pregnant. It's official. All those ladies running marathons and stuff when they're like nine months pregnant...who are you people?!? I guess I should aspire to something greater. But for now I'll take the mall walker pace in wal-mart, thank you very much.

I don't know who this is but it's an ad for maternity workout wear. They are so hard core. It's good to stay active but holy cow!


  1. HAHA thats insane! Seriously? i thought u werent supposed to get ur heart rate higher than a certain amount while prego and working out.. KATIE U just wait!!! In four months u will be taking breaks as u walk up the stairs to ur car!

  2. That is crazy!! I loved exercising when I was preggers but NOT running marathons! So Katie, you should try swimming, that was my favorite. It felt so good to feel weightless and it's the best for your joints. It even relieved my nausea:) But vacuuming and walking the mall... they COUNT for sure! Love ya!

  3. I tried to use a stationary bike while prego butafter 10 minutes I just wanted to role off and die.

  4. i hate those women. seriously. who do they think they are? exercise is getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom. again. and if that marathon runner wants a true abdominal workout, she should try puking. a lot.

    oh katie, i am sad for you. i am sad for you because you sound like me. and i'm pathetic.

    and i still think you're crazy for eating apples. do you KNOW what they do to you when they come back up?

    in other news, my word verification thing for this comment is "chiong." and that's funny. for some reason.

  5. don't feel bad. i aspired to much exercise until i was actually pregnant and then it all goes out the window.
    i have to concur with all those above. brushing your teeth counts. and, frankly, who cares what counts, you're freaking pregnant and a basket case.
    i don't like being one of those people that says "just wait, you don't have it bad yet" but humor me just because I'm in the final weeks of pregnancy and everything is back and worse. but it's almost the end, that is a consolation.
    you'll be here soon and then your baby will be here!! yay!!

  6. That is gross! A woman of that size should not be running. I guess that means I should start running my belly is that size(aaron).

  7. I agree, gross. Bare pregnant bellies are not cute. Ick.

    And it totally counts parking far away and then walking about the store. :)

    Hope you are feeling better and that you get to feel the baby kick soon. That's the best!

  8. hahahahaha you are so funny!!! that's why i love reading your blog. oh my gosh, i am totally with you! don't kill yourself trying to stay fit with a baby on the way! then again, i am not the most active person in the world. teehee