Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Lion King

I couldn't look at the pregnant runner lady any more. Thank goodness for a new reason to blog. Gideon and I went to the Broadway Across America performance of The Lion King last night. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home, so you don't get any new pics. Sorry. We had such a blast though! We got all dressed up. Gideon wore a bow-tie and I wore a silk dress, which barely fit me. I'm drawing near to the end of non pregnancy clothes. We made a night of it and went up to the Happy Sumo in salt lake before the show. I found out that my all time favorite sushi roll is actually cooked, hence safe for a pregnant lady. (Sadly, making me a not-so-hard-core sushi eater. Oh well.) I was a happy camper eating til my belly was full (that rarely happens lately). The show was AMAZING!!!!! I've seen a few productions like Les Miserables and Phantom, but this was different. The costumes were seriously out of this world and that little lady who played Rafiki speaking in actual african dialect? Too much. Plus the music . . . oh the music. Gideon loved it SO much, and that's really what made me happy. I was so excited for him to see something so cool. Especially because he LOVES the original animated movie. It was just so great seeing the play. Anyways. All in all it was such a fun night to go out. We are really trying to take in the joy and the luxury of having date nights without phone calls to a babysitter worrying about the little one. We are so excited to get her/him here, but are cherishing our last few out-on-the-town dates. It might be a while til those come back around.


  1. So jealous! I wanted to go so bad!

  2. I add my jealousy as well! sounds like lots of fun. you guys find out the gender soon, right? exciting!!