Thursday, November 1, 2012

3 Months

Mason is three months old today. I really can't believe it's been 3 whole months. Where does time keep escaping to? Halloween is over and it's time for the holidays. Crazy! 

Our little Mason is getting way way too big. I pulled out some of Finn's old onezies for him today and found that he needs the 6+ months sizes. He's actually wearing a 9 month size right now and it fits pretty good. It's so funny because Finn was always too small for his "size" of clothes and Mason is too big. They are so different.

Mason is big enough to sit in the bumbo seat all by himself and does pretty good with his head. He is also becoming quite the social little boy! He is always so happy. All you have to do is look at him and he is all smiles. He is still sleeping through the night (at first I thought maybe it was a fluke). It's amazing. Last night he went to sleep at 9:30 and woke up to eat at 4:30, then went right back to sleep until 8. And every morning he wakes up smiling and cooing. It's so awesome. Finn didn't sleep that long until he was 9 months old! I am beginning to think that it will be possible to have more kids in the (distant) future. 

Finn is growing up so fast too. Someone tell my boys to stop growing!! Finn had such a hard time eating for a long time, but suddenly he eats almost everything (still has a hard time with slimy vegetables/fruits unless they're drenched in a tangy sauce like spaghetti or something garlicky). It's such a relief to put him in the highchair with food and HE EATS IN ON HIS OWN instead of it being a battle. At one point I was spending about 4 hours a day just feeding Finn. SO glad that stage is over. 

He has started talking like crazy. It's so cute. He can say a bunch of things, although they all are a little off, so only Gideon or I can understand them. Some of his words are baby-"bee bee," daddy, mommy, grandma -"ma ma," grandpa- "bom pa,"more -"mo," no no, dog, which is almost the same as blankie, ball- "baw,' and a few more. He says "dee dee" for blankie, which he is OBSESSED with. He has to have it while he eats, in the car, in the grocery store, etc. Lots of the time he just lays on the floor snuggling his "dee dee" and saying its name over and over, giggling. It's the cutest thing. He loves the corner fold of it and always finds it and sticks his finger in it. It's so adorable it kills me. Oh one more thing. Wherever we go, he waves bye bye to people (he can also say it). In Costco he just waves bye bye to the masses at the food court when we leave. Once a lady eating her pizza way in the back waved back at him. It was pretty funny. And he also thinks that every man older than 30 is a grandpa. He signs grandpa at people all the time and it's awkward because they think he's waving hi in a weird way. Then I have to explain that he's signing grandpa; I usually just say "you just look like my dad," which is a total lie 95% of the time. 

He is also obsessed with helping. I taught him how to say help, which is now "ha-pu." He hasn't quite figured out how to do a hard stop after the P sound. But now he loves to help me do everything and can say it, so I have to let him. It's really cute. He helps me mop, vacuum (holding onto it while I vacuum/mop), he helps me put the dishes away, put the clothes into the dryer, etc. He gets really mad if I put something away without letting him help. He even helps me when I dust-I just give him a clean rag and he goes to town wiping everything down. Oh and he also knows how to clean up his milk when he spills it. I just tell him to wipe it up and he grabs the towel and wipes it all up. It's so funny. Especially when he grabs Mason's dirty pants or something to clean it up. Classic. I think he needs a little toddler toy vacuum for christmas. 

These sweet boys are getting so big and I am so happy that I am home with them to watch them grow up every day. I love being a stay at home mom just as much as I thought I would. It's harder than I expected but way more fulfilling that I expected also. Having two kids has forced me to be more efficient with my time, and I am actually happier and more productive since I have gotten the hang of it. It's nice to always be busy. But you also enjoy the quiet time even more! I love my boys more than I can express and I couldn't be happier. 

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