Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mason's Blessing Day

Had to throw this one in. Getting his beauty rest for his big day!

What a sweet day today. I kept finding myself choked up with emotion. Even now as I type I'm fighting back a few awkward tears. :)

We blessed our sweet baby boy today. Our SECOND baby boy. That was kind of surreal. Gideon was saying the blessing while I tried to pacify a screaming Finn. But somehow that made it all the more special. I know some people look at families with lots of young kids who are loud in church and leave the bench with a few crunched Cheerios and think "what a nuisance," but in my opinion there is something celestial about those sweet innocent little ones and parents just trying their best to do right by their kids. I felt that today. I know that this is absolutely the right path for us and the right way to do things for our family. I felt so happy and peaceful with my beautiful family that God has so graciously blessed me with. I don't think I've done a single thing to deserve such wonderful people in my life.

Part of those special people in my life are my husband's family. I love my own family as well and I feel so incredibly blessed to have gained a second family. Not everyone can say that about their in laws and I recognize what a special thing that is. We had everyone over for lunch afterwords and it was loud, crowded and ended in a mess. And I loved every single second of it. I would trash my house every day if it meant I got to spend more time with these people that are so close to my heart.

And in one final literary display of cheesiness and sentiment, I have to say how grateful I am for THE most special person in my life; Gideon. I was just overcome with happiness today and so much of that comes from him. He is so quick to drop whatever he's doing to help his stress case of a wife solve her problems. He is truly a kind, kind man. He works incredibly hard and gives so freely of himself. He loves our children more than perhaps any father ever has (I know you moms are all saying no way!), and his very existence gives me more happiness than I ever thought possible.

To sum it all up, it was a very good day. I am so very grateful.

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