Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is This Real Life?

A while back I read an article about how so many moms post on Instagram or blog pictures of their daily life or pics of their kids looking perfect and how it kind of makes everyone else feel they have to keep up. Like you have to pretend that your life is perfect to be happy.

Well, I'm here to say that my life is far from perfect and I'm still happy! I took a few pictures around my house to illustrate the point. You can judge me or think what you will, but I'm proud of my messy, imperfect life. And I'm happy because of it; not in spite of it. LIFE is a beautiful mixture of messy, ugly, insanely difficult things and some beautiful beyond description, joyful, can't stop laughing until you cry kind of things.

This is real life baby.

Real Life Picture #1: My Pantry. Finn can now grab things off the shelf, so what used to be a nicely organized clean pantry is now a mess because I have to put things too high for him to grab. Also it's messy because if I want to eat anything without him knowing and therefore begging for it, I have to sneak in the pantry in the dark and shovel in what I can before he finds me. I'm not joking.

Real Life Picture #2: Finger prints all over the mirror. Might I add, the mirror is for the wall but has remained on our floor propped against the wall for our ENTIRE THREE YEARS of marriage. Yep. I'm classy. At least my bed is made!

Real Life Picture #3: Laundry. Just when you think you've gotten it all under control, you blink and it turns into this. I'm not even sure why our laundry hamper is on top of a small table. 

And Finally . . . while trying to take a cute picture of Mason in his big boy clothes, Gideon also got these shots. Finn trying to steal his blankie back and my muffin top in all it's glory. Just to prove that you don't need a great body or a clean house to be a happy momma. I've got chubby belly and it's ok. Who wouldn't trade their six pack for those two little cuties?

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