Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I haven't had too many crazy cravings with this pregnancy, and luckily I've had zero aversions. With Finn I couldn't eat chicken.

In my first trimester this time around, I couldnt get enough lime stuff. Limeade, lime juice on my food, you name it. I could have sucked on a half a lime and been happy.

Then I moved on to anything with a vinegar taste. Vinegarrete dressing in veggies was a staple. Also around that time was barbecue chips. YUM. And normally I HATE anything barbecued flavored. Strange.

Now in the last trimester I am just so big and hot that I love me something cold and crunchy. I can't get enough watermelon and shaved ice. Last night Gideon and I ate almost an entire watermelon- and most of it was me. It came back to bite me when I had to pee about a million times in the night!
The other thing I seem to really like is root beer- SO SO strange because I have always HATED root beer. But for some reason it tastes so good to me.


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