Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just a Few Things . . .

A few things I need to put up so I can remember the humor of it in 15 years. Finn woke up at 4:45 Saturday morning and decided he was up for the day. By 6 we finally accepted that fact as well. Gideon, being the sweet wonderful husband he is, let his very pregnant wife pass out on the couch for a few hours while he played with Finn.

For some reason, Finn thinks its hilarious when he sees me sleeping and loves to run up to my face wih toys and stuff and laugh super hard. It's cute, but also strangely easy to sleep through once you hit a certain point of exhaustion. Well he was doing this for a while Saturday morning, until finally I fell asleep hard enough not to notice. But alas, I was finally awoken by Finn pulling my face towards him and shoving pieces of shredded toilet paper into my mouth. I was so out of it and didn't fight at first, but quickly came to and realized I was eating paper. It was a really funny but had to be there moment.

So I woke up around 8:30 and let Gideon sleep while I took over Finn duty. Lucky for me, I put him in his high chair to eat and he started falling asleep in his chair mid-bite (he's started doing that a lot lately). So the poor guy was passed out hard core in his crib by 9:00. I got a lot of house chores done while Gideon slept for a few hours and so did Finn. Turned out to be quite a morning!

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  1. haha! i love Finn stuffing your mouth with toilet paoer! I actually sleep better on the couch with the kids running wild then i do in my room alone. the craziness hit a point where it became soothing.