Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Love This Place . . .

Because it is where my husband glows with more pride and sensitivity and gratitude than any other place I know. Because the hands that maintain this place also loved, fed, taught, and shaped the love of my life into who he is today. Because it always looks best with 15 people crammed inside. Because the love and laughter, memories, trials, hard work, and pure joy can almost be seen and surely felt steaming up from the floor and dripping from the ceiling. Because amazing people emerge from these walls. Because part of me feels like I emerged from here. Except I've only visited twice. Because the people inside are beyond-words-wonderful. Because I get homesick for it and I think that's ok.

My in law's place. We had our reception here and it was wonderful.


  1. So many memories inside those walls. I feel like I grew up there too! :o)

  2. Katie!! You are such a great writer. And I love that you love us so much. We love you too!!!

  3. You sentimental fool. I almost threw up in my mouth!! My love you!!!!!