Monday, February 1, 2010


Ben spent the night with us on Saturday night. At about midnight, we decided we would watch P.S. I LOVE YOU and pulled the mattress out into the living room. Ben decided to jump Gideon and the wrestling match began. I snapped some shots, just happy that Ben was finally picking on someone his own size! We always used to wrestle when I was younger, which usually consisted of ben sitting on me pounding my chest and making me name ten candy bars. Little did he know, Gideon is an experienced wrestler and he totally surprised him and BEAT HIM. That's right. Now I have somebody who can beat him for me! Ha ha. It was so funny though and they both had so much fun being boys. But afterwords they were both so sick and tired. They are so out of shape! Gideon is still sore from it. Guess that means we're getting old?


  1. You're not allowed to say you're getting old! Because you're both still sooo young. Love the pics. Thanks for coming up yesterday!!

  2. I'm not supposed to see your husband nakey. Does this mean I have to show you mine to make it even?