Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy to be Happy

(keep going there are pictures at the end . . .)

It's quiet in my little house, and I was just feeling so content and full of genuine joy. I live the good life. Tuesday through Friday, I go to work. It's not the best job in the world, nor do I make a lot of money. But no one bleeds on me or poops their pants and so I am happy. On weekends I find things to do while my sweet adorable husband works late to provide for us. And by us I mean the hope that someday there will be him and us, as in more than just he and I. Someday. That's why we work so hard. I usually come home from work and find a sweet little love note telling me I'm pretty and wonderful, even though the last image he has of me is me half drooling in my sweats with an afro when I dropped him off at school. It's true that love is blind. Sundays we go to church together. After a time when we didn't have that luxury, I cherish showing up to sacrament meeting together, holding hands, and sometimes whispering funny comments during the talks and sneaking mini charleston chews out of my purse after the hymns (don't judge us. We're still five inside). We just got called to be gospel docrine teachers, and surprise, we LOVE it! Then we come home and I practice making something I like to call food. Because of this endeavor I am grateful for my crock pot. On Mondays we play hookie from life and just have fun. We go on a date, usually consists of grocery shopping or pulling our mattress into the living room for the latest and greatest netflix. Last week we got in bed at about midnight, each with a cup of hot chocolate, and watched Feiffle Goes West. Do you remember that movie? Those cats are scary!! Anyways, it was just fun and simple and HAPPY. People keep telling us to enjoy married life before we have a baby. Although I don't like thinking of having a baby as the end of all happiness and fun, I think they might have a tiny point. Sleep is pretty wonderful. So we are doing all the fun stuff so we don't have any regrets. We work hard but we play harder. We stay up so late because our scripture study turned into some hilarious conversation and I maybe pee my pants from laughing so hard, which just makes us laugh harder. Anyways. Life is good. I am eating grapes while I use a computer and sit in a heated house. And in a few hours the love of my life, my entire existence, will come home and I will be able to breathe. Not only metaphorically, but cuz I have breathing problems and when he rubs my back it feels better. See? If that's not pure joy, I don't know what is.

And also I am proud to announce: I am officially a housewife. Sunday I made home made beef stew that was BOMB and then on Monday I sewed a skirt. Sort of.I still have to hem it, and it doesn't quite fit me and Lynn pretty much figured out how to do it, but I pushed the pedal and fed the fabric and that is huge for me. So yay! Oh and we also drowned ourselves in banana bread. Yum.


  1. Glad to hear you guys are doing well! LOVE the skirt! I am totally impressed!

  2. I love you Katie. I just do. There's no other way to explain it. So lucky to have you in my family.

  3. Admit it you miss all of the blood and poo. Ok, even if you don't miss it, I miss you. Great job at becoming a housewife.