Monday, January 18, 2010


I've been trying to be healthier in the new year. Hasn't gone too well. Went running a bit, but so far 3 miles is my max. My excuse is 22 is the new 40. Ate a cucumber for a snack, but then I felt bummed for various unimportant reasons, so I made some chocolate chip cookies. I've been doing a lot of unnecessary baking since my new kitchen aid came. Thanks mom and dad! I love it, but it has an amazing super power ability to shrink my pants, and my poor husband is making himself some soup because I used up all my cooking energy baking cookies. Oops. But I love it. I've also been keeping a better house. I started with putting the laundry away today, and ended up organizing my entire closet, which desperately needed it. Then I cleaned out the cupboard with all of our random stuff. I sent Gideon to the D.I. with so much junk, already accumulated in 6 months of marriage! Scary. But it felt good to clean everything out. Lucky for us, our little place is really small and it only takes a few hours to DEEP clean it all. Speaking of the D.I, Gideon's new year resolution is to not bring everything back that I send there. He LOVES that place, and for good reason. He found me an awesome pair of True Religion jeans for Christmas from there, and his most recent fixer-upper purchase: one of those cute candle melters! It works PERFECT, he just needed to get a replacement light bulb from wal-mart. I love my thrifty husband! I also bought some really cute fabric and am going to attempt to sew pillows for my couch. My crafty sister in law is my role model, so we'll see if I can live up to her! It will be fun either way. More pictures of that to follow. Finally got our house slightly decorated, so here's some pictures per request of Caitlin. It's nothing special but it's a little bit cozier now with a few things on the wall.

Finally figured out what to do with the odd space above the sink.

A bookshelf. Simple, but hey, it fills a lot of wall space.

This is the Draper temple, where we got married. The picture has our name and wedding date on it! It's my favorite.

We finally got a clock! I love TJ Maxx so so much. And in case you're wondering, our TV stand is our landlord's old chest with their grandmother's things inside. We looked inside. It's special.

Cookies. Batch 273.

The little candle warmer Gideon fixed up from the D.I.


  1. Your place is SOO Cute!!! Thank you for posting pictures! Can't wait to see what you do with the pillows, your so talented! That candle holder is really cute! Kelley had the same one, maybe it was hers? And why do you have your landlords chest full of specials? Did you steal that from their house or did they give it to you? Really funny! Love your blog, keep posting more! MISS YOU

  2. That is so awesome. Well, even if you feel you are falling short of all your dreams of a healthy new year, I still think you are the cutest thang! Love you guys and miss ya!

  3. Cute place!! I totally have the same Live, Love, Laugh pic frame!