Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have extensions. They are RACOON brand. Which is pretty much the nicest hair on the market. I only say this because I do these extensions, so if you want longer, thicker, more beautiful hair, come see me! I just have a very few of them on the sides, called frontals. I'm just trying to grow out my hair and the back seems to grow faster, thus resulting in a very not-so-sexy mullet. I just love how the extensions feel so natural; no headaches, so weird heavy feeling, and best of all no damage to your hair!! And the special way we bond them to your hair allows us to customize the color to perfectly match your hair. This picture is for my sister in law who wanted to see the "new me." Not very new, still awkwardly short hair trying to make it grow. Maybe a baby would make my hair grow faster. Probably not the best reason to have a baby though...


  1. Any reason's a good reason to have a baby! Ya know you want one. Love the hair Kate. Can't wait for Saturday!!

  2. Matt used to accuse me of trying to get pregnant so I would have an excuse to quit dialysis. I love you with short hair!!

  3. You are so cute and make me laugh. I have my hair short still but it's growing way too fast! It need a styled cut by YOU again. Loves!