Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TV . . .

Ever since we got married, Gideon and I always take a nice slow stroll down the TV section at costco and dream about the beautiful new TVs. Well, our old faithful TV went through a slow, painful death this week and finally has left us! Woo hoo! So we finally broke down and got a new one. It was the most exciting thing we've bought since we got married and it was so exciting! I know it's kind of pathetic that I'm posting about a TV, but nothing else I can post about has pictures, and my family keeps asking for some pics. Sorry we look so tired and gross. . .it's because we were setting up the TV after I picked gideon up from work around 11 p.m.

That's Ben's fluffy 80's hair from behind the instruction manual. He's been staying with us all week and it's been so fun! We will be sad to see him get moved up to Salt Lake. :(

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