Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Weekend Project

Ok, so it's taken a little bit longer than a weekend. This was definitely a labor of love. We decided we would host a small Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. SO, it got me motivated to finally get us a dining room table. We've spent 2+ years eating around our various coffee tables, so I decided it was now or never! We don't have the money to just stop at Pottery Barn and drop a few grand on a gorgeous table. But thanks to pinterest, I found some awesome DIYs for old farmhouse tables (my favorite!) Lucky for me, my husband has a constant itch to get his hands on saws, drills, any kind of tool and do some woodoworking. So I asked him if he would help me build a table (and by help, I mean let me drill some holes and use the saw, but I really have no idea how to do that sort of stuff-YET). So we set off on our adventure- we spent many hours at lowe's, lots of time drawing up plans, measuring, looking at pictures, etc. We finally got all our supplies and luckily, our landlords let us use their miter saw and drill press AND their huge empty garage. Here's a little photo log of our journey. . .

The wood set out the night before

getting ready to build the frame

Frame all built-Jared (Gideon's brother) did this part with Gideon. Thanks a million Jared!

All finished, ready to be stained

*We used pine*

Wet Stain

*I used dark walnut stain*

There is also a bench that goes with it, but in my prideful arrogance, I was SURE it should be the same length as the table . . . oops. Gideon now has to trim it down before I can stain it. I also have to finish weathering (beating with a chain) the table and the bench and give it a coat of sealer. SO when those finishing touches are complete, I'll post a picture of the final product in our house. But I have to say, I LOVE my table! I'm so glad I have a husband who is willing to take on these projects for me. All in all, we ended up paying about $130 for all of the supplies, stain, wood, etc. I'd say that's a success!


  1. I want to order one of these! :):) It's beautiful! Good job!!!

  2. Katie I love the table!! It looks so good!