Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks

 What a crazy few months we've had!  For Thanksgiving, I decided I am most grateful that my sweet little Finnster is finally feeling better. The poor kid has had a double ear infection for the entire past month. He finally got better after his 3rd antibiotic, but not before his sleeping habits went out the window, along with my sanity. BUT, things are starting to get a little better. One step forward, two steps back, right? I just have to remind myself that a sick baby is not a forecast for the rest of motherhood.

I really am loving being a mom. It's awesome! Very very trying and demanding and exhausting, YES. But SO SO rewarding. There's nothing quite like getting peed on straight in the middle of your forehead during a delirious 2 am diaper change, and then laughing about it with your husband in the morning. Or when your little guy doesn't want anything except to snuggle his momma. I love it. It's so awesome watching him realize things about the world, about himself. And it's so awesome helping him realize those things.

Finn will be turning 9 months old on Sunday. I can't believe it! He is just growing up too too fast. He is 27 inches tall and weighs 17 1/2 pounds. He's a little guy, but his big personality is just bursting to get out of that tiny body! He babbles almost non stop lately. He is officially crawling and has also figured out how to stand up by himself (as long as he has something to pull on). Before we know it he'll be walking and talking. I am so sad to see his baby days go, but it's also exciting to see him get bigger and see his personality develop right before our eyes.

Well, our Thanksgiving was a fun adventure this year. Lynn and I made dinner for our two little families and Tammy. It was fun but exhausting! I managed to mess up both the things I made (as usual; I only make good food when it's only Gideon and Me. I always cave under pressure), but Lynn made some amazing stuffing and a gorgeous/delicious chicken! We had quite a spread. After dinner we all headed up to the Smylie's for some pie and family time. It was fun to see everyone and catch up! The thing I love the most about Thanksgiving is that it ushers in the beginning of the Holiday season. I can't wait to decorate and put up the tree, bake goodies, send out cards, etc. I really had so much to be grateful for this year. I have a wonderful husband who is so good to me and who is such a great Dad. And we have the gospel of Jesus Christ to give us hope, help us love, and make us stronger. We have everything we could ever ask for; all within the walls of our little apartment.

*We also had our family pictures taken in back in October. They turned out SO beautiful, and I usually tear up when I look through them. Special thanks to my awesome brother in law Jared Medley. Click the link to get your family pictures!*