Thursday, March 25, 2010


Oh. And also thought I should share some funny/awkward moments from work. (I am writing this sitting in my gym clothes. I really am trying to avoid getting there. What else can I blog about. . .)
I did a hair cut on a client the other day who, bless her heart, had this picture of a cut that she wanted. The person owning the haircut was a 5'9, 100 pound supermodel. This woman was, well, not that exact body type. Which is fine. But ya gotta do a hairstyle that accentuates what ya got. But, she insisted. SO we did the cut. During which, she told me many awkward and sad things that I didn't know how to respond to. She seemed pretty unhappy with herself/her life. I was trying to stay lighthearted and cheer her up. She then told me about how her family went on a cruise but she wasn't invited. She finished the story with, "well, my sisters are all so small anyways." This wasn't a small woman. I said, "Oh, I know, I have lots of sisters who just look great no matter what, and I'm like man, I wish I had that body! But oh well, it's all good." She let me go on like that for a minute, then she said, without expression, "I meant that they're all young." Needless to say, I felt pretty stupid. I'm surprised she still tipped me.

Among other client conversations, I did a pedicure on a lady and her friend today. They are both labor and delivery nurses. During that 45 minutes, I got a LOT of information about childbirth and what things look like. I'm scared to say the least. It was an educational experience for me. Enough said.
I'm sorry that I don't have any good pictures lately. I'm growing out my hair; it's awkward. And I'm sorry I don't post more often . . . I decided that the really good blogs are from people who have kids. Children make everything more interesting/funny/cooler. SO. That being said, I just wanted to pop on here and say that I have the very best husband ever. I think most people think that about their husband, and we all have a "best guy for me." Gideon is the one person on the planet who thinks I am so incredibly funny when most just think i'm a dork. I love that he sorts the laundry and I love the way he makes me a sandwich for the day, but puts the tomatoes and lettuce in a separate baggy so the sandwich "doesn't get soggy." Who is that thoughtful? I love it. Last night we stayed up in bed just chatting about random things, laughing so hard. We talked about what we should name all of our babies when we have them, trying to find cool family names. I just felt so happy, laying there, staring at his face that is so adorable and lovable when he smiles. The way he laughs so hard when he things something is genuinely funny. His dimple on the right cheek that only shows up when he smiles a certain way. I don't care that we have four years left of school and student loans; that we will probably have kids with no way to pay for them, that we have to stay up until 1:00 a.m. if we want to hang out on a weekday. I just love our simple, small life that we lead. In spite of the many skeptics who said getting married is a mistake and that it is so hard it's barely worth it, we are BRILLIANTLY happy and couldn't love life any more.

Friday, March 12, 2010

First Day

Today was my first day at my new job. I quit my last job on account of I feel like I should get paid to do work and I don't like people to yell at me. SO. ya know. Started working as a stylist/esthetician at Mark Anthony Salon. LOVE it. Seriously. Couldn't be happier. SO glad I made the choice I did!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family Newsletter

This is our insert to our family newsletter we do every month on Gideon's side. Just thought it was a nice summary of what's been going on in our life as of late. If you're a Nalder, eat up. If you're a Medley. . . this will be old news.

an old picture, just for the heck of it. ah young love.

Hello everyone! We are still living the good life here in Orem. Gideon is doing great in all of his classes. He LOVES his astronomy class and loves to tell me all about it. He thinks it bugs me, but I really think it's so cute. It actually blows my mind how he can remember everything in such detail. He is also taking a music class, so we walk around the house listening to classical music. It's actually really entertaining, mostly because Gideon starts conducting or doing his own instrumentals sounds. He is always singing, which I love. The other day I was in the beauty supply store, and I usually take Gideon with me when we go. I was alone, but the girl at the counter said to me, "do you know how I remember you?" I shook my head. She said, "you're the girl that has that husband who sings every time he's in here." We laughed pretty hard at that. But even though he studies so hard and works even harder, he still manages to find time to be such a great husband! If we don't get to see each other during the day, I usually come home to a sweet little note from him telling me I am beautiful and awesome, which is always nice to hear. Even though the last image he has of me in the morning is usually the zombie look. What can I say. Love is blind. I quit my job last week and had a nice week off, doing crafts and such. I have taken up sewing (or attempted to do so. Gideon always has to fix the sewing machine for me when I get it all tangled up). It's so much fun to learn though! I have sewed a couple of pillows and Lynn and I sewed a skirt. Thanks again to the whole family for our sewing machine as a wedding gift! I will be starting a new job at a salon in Springville this week though, so I guess my lazy crafting days are over. I will be working as a stylist/esthetician and I'm so excited! Any longer without a job and I think I might have gone crazy, or vacuumed the carpets to death. We're excited that spring is coming, maybe. We got hit with a snowstorm last weekend that lasted just a few days. Hopefully only a few more of those, then we can bust out the shorts and flip flops! No other really exciting news. . . March 10th is our 8 month mark of being married. Crazy how time flies. Everyone told us that the first year of marriage is the hardest. We just keep thinking, "If this is the hardest, then we're in for a pretty sweet life!" It's been so fun adjusting to married life. Gideon is getting used to sharing a bank account with a woman who can never satisfy the shopping itch, and I am getting used to someone wondering where all of my money goes. Just kidding. He eats whatever I manage to cook up for dinner, without comment or complaint (except for praise), and for that reason alone I would love him forever. We take turns doing dishes and I don't mind laundry, so it all works out pretty well. I think the thing that has been the coolest to experience is a married fight. I wouldn't call it fighting, as any of you who know Gideon well know, that man doesn't "fight." We get quiet and disagree. But it really is awesome knowing that whatever we're upset about we just talk about it, figure it out, and we somehow manage to love each other even more at the end of every disagreement. We decided we like this whole "I'll love you no matter what" deal. At any rate, life is good and we are as happy as ever.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hair. . .

makes me happy. Especially when I get to do this.

And this.