Thursday, March 25, 2010


Oh. And also thought I should share some funny/awkward moments from work. (I am writing this sitting in my gym clothes. I really am trying to avoid getting there. What else can I blog about. . .)
I did a hair cut on a client the other day who, bless her heart, had this picture of a cut that she wanted. The person owning the haircut was a 5'9, 100 pound supermodel. This woman was, well, not that exact body type. Which is fine. But ya gotta do a hairstyle that accentuates what ya got. But, she insisted. SO we did the cut. During which, she told me many awkward and sad things that I didn't know how to respond to. She seemed pretty unhappy with herself/her life. I was trying to stay lighthearted and cheer her up. She then told me about how her family went on a cruise but she wasn't invited. She finished the story with, "well, my sisters are all so small anyways." This wasn't a small woman. I said, "Oh, I know, I have lots of sisters who just look great no matter what, and I'm like man, I wish I had that body! But oh well, it's all good." She let me go on like that for a minute, then she said, without expression, "I meant that they're all young." Needless to say, I felt pretty stupid. I'm surprised she still tipped me.

Among other client conversations, I did a pedicure on a lady and her friend today. They are both labor and delivery nurses. During that 45 minutes, I got a LOT of information about childbirth and what things look like. I'm scared to say the least. It was an educational experience for me. Enough said.


  1. You do pedicures too? You're awesome. And I am so sorry about that awkward moment. I've been there!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, the other day we went to Thai Kitchen with Mandy and Chelsie. Gustavo ordered a dish and the waitress said he would still be hungry with it. He said jokingly: "Are you calling me fat?" and she goes: "Well, there's nothing wrong with being fat!" and she just went off on that making even worse jokes. Lucky for her Gustavo has a great sense of humor and still tipped her 15%...

  3. HAHAH! You should start a blog (like your hair blog) JUST FILLED WITH THESE STORIES!

  4. I LOVE reading your blog! It always makes me smile! :D It is fun to read how good married life can be! :D I loved this post...TOO funny! :D :D

    Thank you for the comment on my blog! You are so, so sweet to say you want to help! THANK YOU! Heaven knows, we can use ALL the help we can get! If you want to make a diaper, the instructions are on my other blog, You will have to scroll down a few posts to find it. I can email the instructions to you if you prefer. Also on that blog is information about all of our other projects we are doing, so you can see if there is something else you would rather help with (although getting those diapers is our biggest concern right now). Also, you can join our group on facebook and that would be way fun! It is listed as a "group" under the name, "Sixteen Small Stones". Our logo is the profile picture.

    I so much appreciate your willingness to help!Thank you so much, Katie! Let me know if you have any questions, or anything!

    Love you,

  5. You make me laugh!! I put my foot in my mouth literally all the time. In fact the other day a supervisor took me upstairs and yelled at me in front of my boss cause I said a little to much:)

  6. bahaha thats something i would do too! your cute ;)