Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scripture Scouts!

Last night Gideon and I were reading in the Book of Mormon and he randomly decided to quiz me and see if I knew what the rameumptom was. I totally surprised him by busting out a song about that scripture story that I learned when I was like seven or eight. It's from Scripture Scouts, these cassette tapes my parents bought us and I would listen to them every night when I went to bed. We were laughing pretty hard as I sang the song. But after that I got totally excited about having a baby because now I have an excuse to buy the Scripture Scouts again! They really are a brilliant idea for kids to learn the stories from the scriptures. They have Book of Mormon, Old Testament, the Articles of Faith and the Family Proclamation. I LOVED these when I was a kid and I still remember the stories I learned from listening to them! I am buying these and our little boy will know them like the back of his hand. If you have little kids, you have to get these!!


  1. We had tapes like that but they were to teach kids about safety and they were called The Safety Kids:)

  2. "Rameumptom, Rameumptom, we are going up to the Rameupmtom"...LOVE Scripture Scouts!!!