Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jungle Gym

Our little man is becoming quite the acrobat. I can feel him in there so often now! I swear he was doing somersaults tonight. And kicking on his way around. I think my bladder must be his biggest source of entertainment in there, because I'm pretty sure I had to get up and go tinkle about 5 times at church today. Literally. He must be having the time of this life bouncing up and down on that thing. But it's so worth it! I feel like I am getting to know him so much, just feeling him get stronger and more active (or just more cramped I suppose). I can't wait to meet him! His little face will never have enough kisses. I hope he's ready for this.

In other news, today was some major progress in this house. While I woke up nauseated and had to throw up a few times violently in the toilet, I felt better the rest of the day and made it through the full three hours of church!! That has only happened one other time since I've been pregnant. It was so nice. I really take for granted how spiritually refreshed I feel after attending all of my meetings. I was grateful for a good day of feeling good. And very grateful for a husband who does the dishes for me, offers to make me anything I want for breakfast, runs errands for me at the last minute, helps make sure we do our calling, rubs my feet, and is still willing to cook me a steak dinner at midnight when I get really hungry and too weak to cook anything myself. He is a real gem. I won't make him change too many diapers or get up too many times at night because he's practically been taking care of a baby this whole time!


  1. congratulations on making it to church! i know what a big deal that is. seriously huge. and i'm glad gideon takes care of you. it also a huge deal to have a husband that understands that you really can't face the kitchen sink, etc. hope things continue to improve! love ya!

  2. You know you guys are just too cute... You baby each other, but this time with just the two of you will be so special to you one day when you have tons of kids that drive you crazy each day!

    You'll be such great parents. xoxo

  3. a good and helpful husband makes all the difference, doesn't it? you are lucky to have such a great guy around!
    i'm so excited for you. i think about it most every day. probably cause i have this little baby and it's just amazing how i can't remember what it was like having her in my belly and what it was like to not have her around. you're little boy will be THE most greatest joy ever. keep being an awesome mommy!