Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Adventure

Our Thanksgiving was so great this year!! First of all, our first one TOGETHER. That in itself was awesome. BUT. In addition. . . we had Naomi and Colin's wedding the 24th in Mesa, so we headed down a little early. We stopped in Vegas for a night with the Medley clan. It was so fun! Gideon had never been, so I made sure to show him a good time. Then we all headed to Mesa, and celebrated the wedding with tons of food and family. We thought of it as a way to stretch the belly before thanksgiving. Gideon and I stayed with my parents and after the wedding, the Medley family stopped by for breakfast and some singing, much to Adam's delight. It was so much fun to have both of our families together. So much love! Then to finish off the weekend, a big thanksgiving feast. It was great. We had such a great time with my family too. My parents took us out to dinner and a movie, we swam, watched movies, and slept in. Gideon and I were so sad to come home; we forgot how nice it is to have someone else pay for stuff and not have to worry about anything! Overall the trip was SO MUCH FUN. It was good to see our families and it was nice to be so full! We both gained a couple pounds. And by WE I mean ME. Let's face it people. Gideon? Gain holiday weight? I don't think so. So in + family+tons of sleep + road trip = tons of fun. Happy holidays everybody!

Sorry about all the pics, but here's a little photo tour of our trip.

My foreign boy I found! What a cute one!

The REAL Eiffle Tower. Really.

This year, we are thankful that we have heads.

Watching the Bellagio fountain show. My favorite!

The happy couple. So cute!

The crew at the reception.

I thought this a fitting picture of my husband. We counted 4, yes 4 trips to the food table. That's my man. He even ate the decorative brussel sprouts. raw. yep.

The family's newest up-and-coming photographer. Love ya hannah!

I finally found a good use for all my old high school dance dresses! The girls loved them and they looked GORGEOUS in them too.

Lots of people in a little space.

The beautiful turkey. Nice job mom!

I made a pie!!! And it was good! Take note Naomi. I've improved!

The final product. It was a beautiful thanksgiving. Thanks Mom and Dad!


  1. I know that when you say you showed Gideon a good time in Vegas you mean that you took him gambling and to a bunch of....shows. Right?

  2. So first of all, I love that you put the picture Colin and me when I'm sticking out my bum!!
    And your pie looks great. That one you made at Sarahs house you wouldnt even let anyone eat it cuz you thought that it would be so gross!!! You are so awesome Katie!! I'm excited to see you this weekend at home in California!!!!!