Monday, December 14, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

This is the funniest conversation I have had in a LONG time. This is why I love being married.

As I am sitting at the computer, and Gideon is in the family room. We have both been quiet for a while, each doing our own thing. Suddenly. . .

Gideon: "Katie."


Gideon: "What's another word for your eggs?"

Katie: "What?"

Gideon: "You know, your eggs."

Katie, in between giggles: "My eggs??"

Gideon, still serious and not understanding why I can't grasp this: "inside of you. Is it your ova? Ovi? Ovee?"

Katie, still laughing hysterically: "I have no idea. They come from your ovaries."

Gideon: "I think it's ova. I've heard it before."

He was doing a crossword puzzle.
And I'm still laughing.