Sunday, February 10, 2013

See ya later, January.

We've had quite an eventful few weeks around here. I guess it's our way of kicking off 2013 with a bang.

First, Finn took a spill (slipped on a toy guitar) a few weeks ago and landed weird on his foot. After an hour of him not walking on it and screaming like crazy, I called Gideon and had him come home from school so we could take Finn to the urgent care. We went to the one down the street from our house, which we've visited before and had a good experience. Well, after spending two hours there, we finally left after I yelled at everyone for how horrible they treated my son. The PA we saw was SO rude. He walked into the room and didn't say one word, no introduction, no acknowledgement Finn or the fact that he was in pain. He mumbled was so rude and so rough in his examination with Finn. He didn't inform us of anything that was going on or seem to care at all about my poor little guy. So we waited for an x-ray tech to arrive (they are "on call"), and finally he got there. But he was also very rude, super rough with Finn, and to top it off, he had Gideon actually operate the x-ray machine, while holding Mason!! I was furious. Looking back I should have left right then, but Finn was screaming on the x-ray table and we'd already got one shot and I just wanted to get it over. After the second shot didn't work, I told him we were leaving and that it was absolutely ridiculous that he had my husband operate the machine. He tried to argue with me about that, which if any of you know me, you know that was a big mistake. Lucky for him my two children were present so I kept my temper under control. Of course though, after yelling at him and then having to tell the nurses in the office why we were leaving, I was being all "tough and assertive" while trying not to cry, so my mouth started doing that awkward not-quite-crying-quiver. And my voice cracked. And I was shaking. But we stormed out of that place and I've never been more proud of myself. Something about being a mother makes you not afraid to hurt anyone's feelings or seem crazy when it comes to your kids. Except I wasn't rude or crazy at all. How do I know? We went up to American Fork hospital with Finn and they were amazing. A completely different experience. And when we told them about our experience at the Urgent Care, they were just as blown away as we were.

But finally, poor Finn made it through another set of x-rays and they determined it wasn't broken. They said to redo the x-ray in a week if he still wasn't walking on it. The poor guy crawled around crying saying "oweeee" for 3 days and I kept him drugged on IBuProfen. After a week, he still wasn't walking. We got ANOTHER x-ray and they decided it still wasn't broken. But 2 weeks later, he just barely started walking on it and only with a limp. He looks so sad and heartbreaking, a tiny little boy limping around the house. Oh and also, while we were getting his follow up x-rays, the doctor thought it was a good idea (and so did I) to test him for Celiac's disease (gluten intolerance), since the boy won't eat hardly anything. We're still waiting on the results, but he did so good getting his blood drawn from his arm. Tough little guy.
Waiting to get x-rayed at the hospital.

So to top it all off, both of the boys have been sick all weekend, and Finn has gotten the worst of it with a nasty case of croup. We have been in the bathroom steaming all night for two nights in a row. It's awesome. I'm not tired at all. Poor guy. But on the bright side, Finn learned how to say "booger," which he pronounces "boo-gack." He likes to announce when he has a big one in his nose or better yet, running down his face. He's also watched us pour saline into Mason's nose and suck it out with a bulb syringe so many times that he now goes around with the Saline and tries to squirt it into our noses. He got to Mason one time before I could catch him and practically drowned the poor boy in saline. It was funny though, and really quite harmless.

Poor guy sleeping after getting his shots. Not a fun day for him.

Also, Mason turned 6 months on February 1st. I can't believe it. He is even closer to crawling and can easily army crawl across the floor. He is quite the spirited young chap and we love him to death. He is having surgery in a month and we're not looking forward to that but he is a strong boy and we know it will be ok.

Mason LOVES the tub. Cutest thing.

Lastly, I have to add that amidst the foot excitement and Mason trying to crawl and hence doing handstands and screaming all day, Gideon had to travel twice in the last week for job interviews. He went to Atlanta for 2 days and Seattle for one day. It was busy busy busy around here and mommy's patience is getting close to fried. I think I'll take a solo girls night out this week. :)

Gideon and Finn playing around with the iPhone

But I don't mean to sound like a sob story. We are blessed with a wonderful life and our tiny problems could be so much worse. Sometimes it's just nice to acknowledge that being a mom is hard and that I'm really really tired. All the time. That's it. I'm also really really happy. Only a smidgen grouchy. ;)

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  1. So happy to read your blog and see you posting again. The pictures are priceless sooo cute! I seriously cant believe how big Mason is!!You have had an eventful month!!! MISS YOU!!