Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Eve Baby

This time two years ago, I was starting to feel some major contractions. My heart raced with the thought of meeting my first born son in just a few hours. I didn't know how short it would be. It was painful and fast, like a freight train. And it was beautiful. Two spirits in total harmony (despite what you might think from the screaming involved) as a darling little child of the Almighty God graced the earth with his arrival. I was the lucky one who got to be this sweet boy's mother. I received him into my arms that day and I felt the world change. My world. His daddy's world. And the world of those we have yet to meet, those who's lives will be touched by his graceful and thoughtful ways. Oh he's all boy, that one, wild and silly and mischievous. But oh, the love that one has. I fear his little heart might burst from all the sweet love he's been giving out for two years now. But it just keeps on pumping, keeps on giving. It amazes me. He has a mind of his own, but usually that little mind likes to tell him to give his mommy kisses, to play with his baby brother and hug him to death. To love his daddy like there's no tomorrow. THAT he does oh so well. We have tender moments when all he needs is me, but on the whole, this little man is a total daddy's boy. There are so many things I want to say about this absolutely outstanding little two year old, but no words could do justice to the sweet pint size love of my life. He was my first; my initiation into motherhood. He led me down the path to loving another human being almost more than physically possible. I can't fight the tears at the thought of him growing older, stronger, farther away from me; and yet I can't stop the joy from creeping over me as I watch the amazing person he is becoming. Full of love and life and his very own ideas, thoughts, desires. I am so blessed to walk beside him on his journey here, and hopefully be able to hold him when he needs love, encourage him when he needs strength, and free him when he needs to fly. I love you, my beautiful Finneas Adam. You've made my life worth living and I don't know how I ever breathed or existed before you ran up and down the halls, straight into my heart. Be mine forever, won't you? Ill always be yours. Xoxo, your momma

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