Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finn Turns One

 Well I am just finally getting around to blogging about my sweet little boy's first birthday. We threw him a little party with just family (still a big crowd!) and had a great time. We all sang and watched him eat a cupcake (not very messy, surprisingly), and the rest of the time was spent munching and catching up with each other. It made me so happy to be able to have so many loved ones around to support Finn and just show their love for him, even though he will have zero memories of that day. He is such an awesome little guy. Truly. He has a hard time with big crowds, so we were a little worried how he would handle a big birthday gathering. But he did surprisingly well and had a pretty good time! He is starting to be a little more confident around other little kids and strangers. It's so fun watching him change and grow into such a little boy (I know I say that in EVERY blog post, but it's so true)! It was a fun time getting everything ready with Gideon and my amazing cousin Caitie. I of course ended up doing a little more decorating that I had planned, but it was fun and I just couldn't help myself! Gideon even made the banner above the window (I was VERY impressed) and Caitie helped me (ok, she pretty much did it-I have problems) frost all of the cupcakes. Overall the party was a success and I think Finn will at least have some great pictures to look back on when he's 15 and think "aw, my parents really do love me!" Those pictures are all thanks to Caitie. She was such a good sport and took about a bajillion pictures for me. We even got a few family photos of all the Utah Medleys (except Tammy!), and we also took some shots of the grandkids. ALL of the Medley grandkids (with 4 more to be added this year). It was absolutely freezing outside. Everyone was a real trooper for braving the cold for the sake of a photo!

I realize this is not my most flattering picture, but it's a nice shot of the house full of people. And this is even after some partiers had left.

 Medley Family  2012

It was such an adventure getting all the little ones to sit in one spot long enough for a picture. Very fun memory. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Finn! The party looked so cute and so fun! Wish we were there. Miss you! I can't believe how fast a year goes by!