Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Month

He is so very very expressive. All the time!

First time driving through In N Out. Not very excited . . .

As you can tell, it's easiest to take pictures of him when he's sleeping. . .

I can't believe it's been a month. My little man is getting so big already, and he's changed so much. He is such a sweet, wonderful little baby. He doesn't ever really cry; it's more like little intermittent yells. So cute. He pauses after each one, as if to see if we're paying attention or not. We laugh every time; it's hard to take him seriously when he's just so darn cute. I am still recovering from some, shall we say, complications of delivery. You don't need details. I am getting cabin fever pretty bad but I'm still not ready to venture out into the world. I went to the bank by myself the other day and was in pain the entire time in line. It was really awesome to get out and see the sunshine though! I'm hoping to be walking around more by the end of the month. Exercise is a distant goal, but I'm not losing hope! We are getting used to life as parents. It's quite an adjustment, but it's one we're happy to make. We keep laughing and saying "you know you're a parent when . . ." for example:

You know you're a parent when . . .

you find burp rags in the bottom of the sheets instead of socks

you get really really excited about more than two consecutive hours of sleep

you bounce and/or pat your water bottle, the remote, or really just any object you are holding

you find poop on your leg. that's right. poop. on your leg.

you wear the same puke-stained shirt all day long because you know it will just get puked on again

your idea of getting ready for the day is wearing your own shirt and sweats, not your husband's

Finn is doing so well though. He now weighs somewhere around 8 + pounds, he lifts his head up like it's nobody's business, he is becoming much more aware of stuff going on and I think he really likes watching cake boss with me. He sleeps around 4 or 5 hours most nights, and he still grunts ALL THE TIME. It's so funny. The other day our home teachers were over, and he started grunting really loud during the prayer, and then we heard the poo explosion in his diaper. Gideon and I, being the mature adults we are, couldn't stop laughing as our home teacher tried to keep praying. It's going to be an interesting few years with little kids around, since we are obviously still little kids, too.

All in all I am LOVING being a mother. I am less sleep deprived than I thought I would be, and I have been blessed with a happy baby. It's been so amazing watching him change and grow, and I'm so excited I get to keep watching.

Here are a few of the less than glamorous shots of our adorable little boy.

First projectile vomit . . .

First diaper blow out: 2 am

I love the look on his face. So innocent . . .ya right!

We love you baby boy!!


  1. he really is so adorable. and yeah, welcome to the parent ain't always pretty, but it's interesting:) dallin had a knack for reserving his blow-outs for public places (walmart, church, while signing the lease on our house, etc.) i'm hoping will treats us better. glad you're doing well! good luck with recovery. it's a bear. blech.

  2. He is sooo cute!! I can't wait for you to bring him to church!!

  3. He is sooo cute Katie! Welcome to the club! It's the best! Hope all is well and you are feeling better soon! Give him kisses from me! (this is Lisa Hobbs, I don't know why my name comes up funny, I am going to have to figure that out!)

  4. I love it, he has changed so much already!! I got your text the other day and forgot to text back but I am sooo glad you made it out to the park. Love you lots, thanks for sharing Finn's cuteness!!

  5. oh my gosh i'm freaking dying, those pictures are so cute and funny!!! Jade's still got a runny nose and blew a snot out onto her upper lip today while she was laughing. it was funny but she's keeping me from seeing you guys and it makes me sad!! but it's okay, we want to keep finn as safe as possible. hope you are feeling better!!!! can't believe it's been a month and even more now!