Thursday, March 24, 2011


We have been lucky enough to have lots of help these last few weeks. And what a great excuse to have family come stay!

My mom got out here the day after Finn was born, and she was SUCH a help. She was able to come see us in the hospital and then she was here when we came home. It is such a happy memory for me and it was such a tremendous help to have her here those first few days. She cooked us awesome meals, ran to the store a million times, drove me to the doctor, etc. etc. It was so nice spending some quality mother daughter time. It was much needed and it was so wonderful. For some reason one of my favorite nights was just hanging out, watching dateline and eating candy (lots and lots of candy). I guess that's nostalgic for me from my years at home. She cried when she left and about an hour later I called her sobbing, too. For some reason, having a baby makes you miss your own momma like never before. Love you, mom!

*My dad had to stay home with the other kids, but he will get to meet his little grandson at the end of April. Can't wait!*

Then we were blessed with the presence of my wonderful in-laws, Ric and Mary. SO SO wonderful to have them here. We had such a fun time with them staying with us, all of us crammed into our tiny apartment. We wouldn't have had it any other way! They made the long trek from Eureka, CA, to come see the new babe (and also to see the many other grandchildren and children they have out here). It was such a joy cooking together, watching cake boss and house hunters, eating junk food, having wonderful chats, crying way too much (in a good way), and especially having family home evening together on their last night with us. We miss you guys already!

Finn is so lucky to have so many people who love him so much already!

Thanks to both grandparents, we love you all so much and are so grateful that you came!!


  1. Holy Cow you looks so much like your mom!! In my head I want to call him Finigan Dinigan.

  2. It is so funny how everyone is sleeping.