Monday, August 9, 2010


We had our first prenatal appointment today. So relieved that everything is going well and the baby sounds like it's doing fine in there. Hearing the heartbeat was so fun and amazing. It feels so real now! Gideon and I keep thinking, "are we old enough to have a baby?" I guess we'll find out in nine months!


  1. So Fun!!! I couldn't help but smile every time I heard the babies heart, which you will eventually be hearing every visit:)

  2. Oh my goodness! So awesome. I remember that appointment like it was yesterday...i guess it kind of was yesterday for me. You'll be where I am in no time...except it does feel as long as it really is for the pregnant woman. Time doesn't necessarily fly. But alas all is well with your baby and that is great to hear!! Congratulations!
    And of course you're not old enough, none of us are. That's why Providence steps in the help our kids turn out normal! We're just along for the ride.

  3. Hi cute pregnant lady!!! YAY!! I'm so happy for you. And I love that you have a blog so I can keep in touch with you a little better! Hope all is well my dear.