Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lately . . .

I very carefully brought this fabulous dessert home from Miriam's house for Gideon. I took great care not to spill a single drop in the car on the way home. Put it safely in the fridge. The next day, I went to take it out of the fridge for Gideon to enjoy. Stupid fridge, stupid clumsy elbow that smacked the fridge and stupid hand for letting go of the cup. You should have seen the way that pudding and strawberries mixture soared through the air and splattered so beautifully in one smooth motion. The usual cry/laughter ensued.

Gideon surprised me with a new coffee table he found on craigslist. He had Ben bring it to the house while he was at work so he didn't have to see my face, "in case I was disappointed." SERIOUSLY?? Disappointment not even possible. I love love love it. I have the best husband on the planet. Even more than that coffee table, I love my hubby.
ps: going to re-paint and stain the table. Work In Progress.
You may be wondering why my living room is in shambles. Reason: We bought a new couch. SO, we sold our old couch. Problem: New couch doesn't come for two weeks. Gettin real familiar with the floor once again.

Found this little beauty at an antique yard sale. LOOOOOVE it. I think someday I will take up hunting down old furniture and refinishing it and selling it. But that would require a garage. Or at least a spare room, as I've recently learned the hard way: you can't spray paint inside your house. One step at a time.

Note: both of our hair is growing out. We are quite the rebels here in our house.


  1. Well it was the thought that counted on the dessert you cute little wifey poo. It was fabulous to see you on Saturday!! Love you Katie, with or without a couch:)

  2. LOOOOVE the furniture! I need you as my personal shopper!

  3. ANd handsome picture of Gideon at the end!

  4. Um... seriously I love that that piece of furniture! What color are you going to paint it? Keep us updated! Love it! Love you too girlie!

  5. 2 items of business:

    1 - i love your hair. i just do.

    2 - i love that hutch, uh, thing.

    - and as an added bonus -

    3 - i love you. (in a very healthy, mormon way)