Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hello, Winter

Oh, winter. You have poked your head in through the door, and I'm happy about it. You are an old friend; the kind that even though we have long absences, we're always right back where we left off when we are reunited. I'm sorry I had a little fling with the summer time; it's always so tempting. But I didn't forget about you. And I'm glad you're coming back. I'm sorry to tell you this, but a lot of people don't like you. I can see why; you're a little rough around the edges, and you can be a pain and really slow things down. But I can look past that, because you are really a lot of fun. You're worth all the bad stuff when you tickle my nose and dust everything with a soft shiny glow. You're so sparkly and magical and with you comes a lot of wonderful festivities and traditions. Just smelling the air and knowing you're on your way makes me want to be with family and eat more food. I really do love you, winter. Come on in.

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