Friday, July 17, 2009

A Week of Bliss

Ok, so it's been mostly bliss; except for when I missed Gideon like a crazy pathetic fool while he was at work. I actually snuggled up with one of his dirty t-shirts that smelled like him. And watched Oprah. Which, by the way, was about a woman who is standing trial this fall for shooting and killing her abusive policeman-husband. I am so glad my husband tucks me in at night and softly strokes my hair and kisses me on the forhead instead of kicking the crap out of me! But that's just a side note. So...the first week has been great. Top ten things I love about being married:
  1. Waking up in the middle of the night with someone to snuggle up to
  2. Coming home from a long day to a big hug and a kiss
  3. Cooking dinner for someone other than myself
  4. Nice conversations with the bathroom door open. If ya know what I mean.
  5. Someone to scratch the unreachable awkward part of your back
  6. Someone who laughs at all my clumsy moments. But he hugs me too.
  7. Sleep overs in the living room
  8. Midnight cake and a movie
  9. Uncontrollable smiles 24/7
  10. Budgeting our tiny incomes
This week has been a total blast. Gideon has been late for his morning class almost every day because we seriously stay up late goofing around, organizing our closet, making plans, deciding on baby names for all 25 of our unborn children, etc. It's more wonderful than we ever thought. Last night was probably the highlight of the week:

First...we had dinner. A success FINALLY. Can't go wrong with a crock pot. I love whoever invented those. But of course, we threw some excitement in there when I realized I couldn't open the canned corn because we don't have a can opener. Don't worry; this man is resourceful.
That's right. He used a hammer to pound open the little can on our doorstep. I hope our landlord's didn't see.
I cut my hand on the shard later. THEN, we decided it was a perfect night for a movie. Since we don't have a couch...
The mattress was our only option. Sleepover in the living room! Then we decided we needed some cake to go with our movie. So finally around 12:30, after baking the cake (and taking it out of the oven with my shirt because we don't have any oven mits yet) and running to redbox where I convinced Gideon to watch New In Town (so cute you should all see it. Good clean fun. PS He loved it), we finally watched our movie and kept laughing pretending like we were on a first date or something.
And the final part of this really long and boring blog post we have a couch!!!
I came home from work tonight and Gideon had me close my eyes and hide in the bedroom until he finished his labor of love. He got it all moved in and washed the cushion covers, vaccummed it out and everything. He even covered it with some sheets because he knew I would think it was yucky (50 bucks at D.I....that screams germs).

This man knows how to keep his wife happy. Vaccuming my sofa? I knew I picked a good one. Then he made me dinner and graciously gave me the last piece of cake for dessert.

The cake had a mosquito on it that I found two bites in. I almost vomited. But it's the thought that counts, right?

And the top pic of the week:
This is what happens when you let your new husband put your clothes away. I was in the kitchen and he came out like this. He said it would be a great pad for wrestling matches! Oh my goodness. I died.


  1. But sex was totally number 11 right? Or is that last weeks news...???


  2. Oh Katie, I loved this update. SO MUCH. I've been wondering how you were other than the quick conversations over the phone with all my background noise! I love you guys! You're so cute and wonderful.

  3. That is so awesome! And the funny thing is, I am reading this post while sitting on your floor! Haha. Your place looks super awesome and I am so happy you are my sister:) Lots o love!

  4. DUDE! where did you get that wisconsin shirt???? if you got it from our attic, i am going to die. it was totally mine.

  5. Naomi.... uh... it's like my favorite shirt ever. And yeah...I found it in the attic when we went in june. Gideon said anything in the attic was fair game! haha.

  6. That brings me back to the newlywed days. Thanks for refreshing my memory. It looks like your living it up:)