Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have become slightly addicted to this channel. Home and Garden Television. It's a joke. And the best part: I've even converted Gideon. We get home, and after a long day, we eat dinner together, then snuggle up on the couch for some good old TV watching. We never used to really do this, either of us. So it's a REAL TREAT now. But what do we watch? Not the news. Sports? No. How about a little Curb Appeal or Design Star or Property Virgins? One of our favorites is House Hunters. We LOVE living out our dream of buying a beautiful big home by watching other people do it on tv. It's great. I figure at least it's wholesome TV. But it's gotten bad. We were laying in bed trying to wake up sunday morning, and I said "It's getting bad. I just want to go turn on HGTV." Tonight we watched our weekly favorite...

Design Star. Natalie got kicked off last week, and we weren't too sad about it. Don't really know how Teshica stayed; she couldn't even accessorize the kitchen! Hello!! But the pansy lady who cried and couldn't be in charge left, so it's all good. But we're rooting for Antonio all the way. I got ben hooked tonight as well. And if you don't know what we're talking about, GET ON IT PEOPLE. Anyways. This is extremely poorly written. But nothing too exciting to report this week except for our love of this TV show. And how great it is being married and having a husband who loves to watch it with me. Life is good.

Also: Got a chance to hang out with the family this weekend. Hannah and Sean came down from bountiful and we all got together at Miriam and Aaron's new place (which is SO CUTE) and had dinner. Miriam is a great cook and the dinner was awesome. We checked out Jared and Lynn's place...also very cute. Kayla played and rolled in the grass and we all sat on the porch and ate and talked. Later we ate ice cream; the girls sitting on the kitchen floor and the boys on the porch. Kayla learned how to open the door while we all sat and chatted; the women about babies and recipes and the men about blowing stuff up. We missed the rest of the family too. Miss you guys!! But what a good saturday night.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the pain! the agony!

    ps I love HGTV too.

  2. This makes me laugh because Zach and I also went throuh a period this year where all we would watch was house hunters and house virgins or whatever its called.

  3. Property Virgins. Yes! The way that lady says house bugs us and we mimic it every time. She says it like "hewce." wierd.