Tuesday, February 14, 2012


First of all . . .


Gideon and I had a very romantic evening. . .

He studied in the bedroom (so as to not be distracted by my TV watching) and I watched a juicy new Parenthood episode and cleaned the kitchen on commercials. Then we ate some red velvet Costco cake for a study break for him.
This picture wasn't taken tonight. . . but it pretty much sums up every evening around here. Poor guy. 

I told you it was romantic.

Now that that's out of the way, on to more important real blogging topics, such as baby stats, etc. Far more interesting.

Finn turns one in about two weeks. So crazy! I can't believe how fast time has flown. I find myself looking at his birth pictures and his newborn photos, completely blown away by the little boy I have in front of me. I have fallen so deep in love so fast (a year) that is rocks my world. I love love love being a mom, especially to this sweet little boy. The other day he took his first real steps in front of me and I burst into tears (being pregnant and hormonal doesn't help ). My little guy is growing up. It may seem slow to everyone else, but to me it is already flying by, and it's such a mix of emotions! I am so proud of the little person he is evolving into, and yet I am devastated that he is changing and growing and needing me less and less. He is pretty much weaned to a sippy cup now, but I can't force myself to quit nursing him at bedtime because after he always snuggles me so sweetly, and I just can't give that up yet! Us moms, we need our kids snuggles way more than they need ours. Truly.

Watching TV- he crawled into his car seat one day so I snuggled him in and let him veg. Don't judge me. 

A few random things about Finn I want to jot down to remember:

He loves scrunching up his nose and breathing through it, while sticking out his tongue and pointing his nose in the air. Yes, it's goofy, and yes, it's very very cute.

He has two bottom teeth, and if you put something in his mouth, your fingers WILL get bitten if you don't pull them out fast enough.

He is semi-walking. He has about a 5 step max right now.

He loves loves loves the car. We often "go out" if he's grouchy because he loves running errands.

He is 100% in love with anything to do with outdoors. Every time he bonks his head, we just step outside with him and he stops crying instantly. I kid you not. It's been this way since he was a very very small baby and he still is so happy anytime he's outside. I hope this love continues and beats out tv when he's 11.

He's a daddy's boy. He knows the sound of the door unlocking and crawls SUPER fast towards the door every time he hears it-he knows it's daddy coming home. He also smiles and laughs at Gideon every time he gets in the car when I pick him up from work or school.

Like I said, he is almost completely weaned. He drinks milk and water out of a sippy cup. I only nurse him at bedtime and once at about 6 am.

He sleeps from about 6:30pm until 5 or 6 am, nurses, then goes back to sleep until 7 or 8 am. I'm in heaven. But of course, he usually sleeps something like this:

Changing diapers is near impossible. He is the most wiggly kid, I swear! Most diapers changes go like this:

Sorry for the blurry photo-there wasn't time to focus!

He finally eats real food! He was on a yogurt-only kick for so long I was getting worried. But he now eats waffles, pancakes, eggs, turkey lunch meet, noodles, spaghetti, shredded cheese, and the veggies from vegetable soup (mostly the carrots). And still lots of yogurt to boot. Oh and he also loves cinnamon graham crackers and regular animal crackers. And Ritz crackers. Woo hoo! Such a great list!

Well it is finally getting real that we are having another baby! August really seems so close to me, and it's kind of freaky! This pregnancy is going by much faster (maybe because I'm not throwing up every day?? Possible . . .) than Finn's. I'm already 14 1/2 weeks. We are finding out the gender on Friday! Can't wait. I've been feeling the baby move since around 12 weeks, and that has been awesome. Just light flutters, but it is crazy how much earlier you can feel the baby the second time around. We are thinking of names and I'm already making a list of things I need to clean and organize in my house slowly so that I can have some sense of order when baby #2 arrives and throws us into a complete tailspin. Can't wait!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Well, I desperately need to blog. I don't have any pics to post tonight but I keep laughing at strange things in my life and thinking how I need to get them down on paper (or typed up).

Tonight Gideon and I were sitting here laughing so hard at ourselves tonight. It's 11:30 and we are sitting on the floor/couch eating the yummiest avocado we've had in a while. Gideon randomly started singing some old Yellowcard song (this post won't be funny to you if you don't know who yellowcard is). I of course joined in, and before you know it we are both laughing while singing (in an emo, troubled raspy voice) old Yellowcard and Dashboard songs. Then my cousin came out and let us know that in a few years our kids were going to think that this  currently funny situation is so embarassing and not at all funny. We all had a good laugh. It's so true! Gideon and I already do things that we can remember our parents doing and thinking they were so embarassing. Funny how life cycles back like that. I like to think of it as vindication for parents. Eventually, your kids will grow up and deal with their children (or some children at some point) and get their own Karma right back.

In other random but slightly funny news, Finn now has two bottom teeth and is getting very good at using them. I was laying on the couch the other day while he was cruising back and forth along the edge of the cushions. He cruised behind me and I wasn't worried about him. Gideon and I were chatting and all of a sudden I feel two little teeth chomp down on my heel. I screamed and yanked my foot back-good thing I didn't catch the poor guy in the face! He was pretty startled to realize that mommy doesn't like it when you bite her feet. It was so funny though. We had a pretty good laugh at that one.

Also, I am weaning Finn, which is going pretty well except that he keeps trying to "expose me" if you know what I mean, in very public places like relief society and target and such. He just wants to get at those suckers so very much! Poor guy. It's pretty funny/awkward though. I guess you just don't come between a baby and his boobies. Gotta love it.

Well, that's enough updating for one exhausting day. I know I shouldn't complain because lots of tired moms out there are excellent bloggers. . . What can I say? I'm just a one-task-a-day kind of mom I guess. I fed and bathed my baby today (ok, Gideon bathed him) and we even went on a walk. That's enough for me!