Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Sunday and Finn's Blessing

From left: Kelly, Ben, Adam, Dad, Mom, Gideon, Finn, Me

Last week my parents came into town for Ben's graduation. It was so much fun to have them here! They took us all out to Thai food (which was amazing . . . so wonderful to eat curry and not have heartburn!!), we hung out at their condo in Midway (beautiful), and they also hung around our house a lot. It was such a good time just relaxing and chatting together. My dad and brother and sister hadn't met Finn yet, so it was fun to watch everyone enjoy our sweet little boy. We miss them already, and we can't wait to go visit them in Seattle in June!

Since everyone was in town already, we decided to hold Finn's blessing that week, which just happened to be Easter Sunday. It was such an awesome day! It was Easter Sunday, Finn's blessing, and also my parent's 30th wedding anniversary. Also, it was Finn's 2 month mark. He's getting so old! The blessing that his daddy gave him was beautiful, and it was so special to be able to share the day with all of our family. Afterwords we had a little family get together at our tiny apartment, but surprisingly we all fit! Special thanks to everyone for bringing food and supplies. It was so awesome to be together with both of our families and just enjoy the day.

My talented sister in law took these amazing pictures of Finn for me. Thanks so much Hannah!

He's making a sucking face in all of these pictures because he was one hungry boy. He was crying so we just gave him his binky, then would rip it out super fast and Hannah would shoot the camera like crazy for a few seconds before he started crying, as seen below:

We blessed him in the blanket that my brothers were blessed in, so it was extra special to have the blanket in the pictures. Plus it made a pretty backdrop!


  1. Grant wore that same blessing outfit! Love it! And I love his big brown eyes...such a sweetheart :)

  2. He is so so beautiful, Katie. I love that that blanket is so special! xoxo

  3. What a cutie! I can see both of you in him. :o)

  4. Hey is so darling Katie! Mel and I keep talking about coming to see him. I love his big brown eyes;)

  5. That's right! I sometimes forget that I was born on your parent's wedding day! So funny.

    He is a handsome little guy!