Sunday, April 1, 2012

Picture Overload

Morning Milk
Still sleepy puffy faced. I love it.
What a great weekend we have had at our house. We enjoyed two full days of general conference, of course with lots of treats too. We took Finn on a nice walk to the park on Saturday afternoon, and it was so fun. The weather was gorgeous and it was just so nice to get to do something as a family. Gidoen let me sleep a good part of the day today (something crazy happened to my body. . . I swear someone drugged me!), which was blissful. That man is so good to me, I really don't deserve him. We just relaxed at home and laughed at our perfect little boy.

Finn is really getting to be so much fun, I can hardly stand it. It is so great playing with him- he actually responds/reacts. He is such a little boy, no longer a baby. Except at night or at nap time when he wants to snuggle. I love those moments and I take them for all they're worth. I love when he snuggles on me like a newborn for just a few moments before he falls asleep. He is such a little wild man these days; no time for hugs or snuggles or lots of kisses, all of mommy's favorite things. He is busy exploring the world. I love to watch it. His favorite thing is to be outside; it always has been, but it is especially so now that he can walk. He will walk up and down the sidewalk (babbling super loud the whole time) for a good half an hour, longer if we'd let him. He never gets tired of exploring the great outdoors (or at least our front yard).

One of his favorite past times; pulling all of the wipes out of the container. This box is now his to play with, empty of wipes of course.

He just turned 13 months a few weeks ago. Man is time going by fast or what! I am already 21 weeks with our newest addition, and it is seriously flying by. It has snuck up on me- all of a sudden bending over is hard and everything is exhausting. I've been feeling pretty good though, and that is such a welcome relief compared to my last pregnancy. But I digress; back to Finn. There are a few things he does these days that I need to jot down. . .

1. He loves shaking his head back and forth. Every once in a while he happens to do it in response to a question, which makes us laugh so hard. Of course he's not actually answering me, but it is funny to watch.

2. He is still obsessed with breathing through his nose; he squishes up his whole face and squints his eyes, then breathes super hard through his nose. It never gets old.

3. He really likes banging his head on the back of his carseat. I try to get him not to do it, but to no avail. Oh and also, he loves banging his forehead on the walls/doors, etc. He puts his hands on the wall and just bonks his head over and over. He did it during my ultrasound appointment, and the ultrasound tech thought it was really weird, you could tell. Funny, but I think she was a little concerned.

4. He never rides facing me in the shopping cart at the grocery store. He is very good at turning around in that little seatbelt, and he just kneels instead of sitting, holds onto the rear support, and faces into the wind. He loves to watch where we're going. I get a lot of funny stares from people in the grocery store.

Exploring the fridge
5. He loves yelling and running down our little hallway. He ALWAYS yells when something gets left open; the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the pantry, or any of the doors down the hallway. He will just scream and then bolt for them (he's walking all the time now, by the way. And he's getting FAST!).

6. He loves playing games with his daddy. He especially loves to be chased down the hallway when he does the above mentioned scream-and-dash. I've never seen a little boy laugh so hard. He and Gideon really do have a special bond. I am so lucky to be able to watch as they interact with each other. They are already best buds.

Sometimes I leave the dvd drawer open, and he loves it. He pulls all the dvds out and plays with them. He would do this all day if I let him!

7. He babbles almost non-stop. I love when he stares at me right in the face, and just goes off babbling (the most common sound is like a mix between dude and dot- "dut doot"). That kid has some stuff going on in that little head that he's dying to get out. I'll be surprised if he's a late talker, since he's so vocal. We'll have to wait and see.

8.He also LOVES dogs, which provokes more babbling any time he sees a dog or hears a dog or sees something he thinks is a dog (horses, cats, etc). It's cute. I'm excited to get a puppy once when graduate and get into a house with a yard.

9. This is a theory, but I'm pretty sure he's allergic to pistachios. The other day Gideon fed him some pistachio pudding cake for breakfast. When he woke up from his afternoon nap, the entire right side of his face was swollen and red with huge hives. It freaked me out REALLY bad; so bad that I just rushed him into the E.R. I was scared he was going to stop breathing or something. I've since realized I may have overreacted just a tad. :) The swelling was completely gone by the time we left the E.R., and there's really no way to know if it was the pistachios or something else that gave him the reaction. He had some hives for a few days after that, but he was fine. I have since made sure that I always have childrens benadryl on hand. I think we'll do a skin test soon to see if it was the nuts.

 We love this silly little boy more than words could possibly express. We are so lucky to be his parents and experience his amazing little spirit. We love you Finny!