Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Matilda

My sister in law, Sarah, is an amazing photographer. She just started this new business and it's AMAZING. Check our her site:

Monday, January 24, 2011


Nothing says pregnant like turkey sausage, peaches, mango salsa and some orange soda for breakfast. Plus the fact that I'm finally eating breakfast at 1 pm.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Good Ol' Days

So Gideon and I decided that we'd better make the most of these last few weeks of not having a child in tow. Don't get me wrong, we're super excited, but there's some things we won't be doing again (alone) for a very long time. Monday was our day off, so we slept in until 11 (shameful, I know...) spent the afternoon going to the doctor then running a few errands, and by the time we got home I was pooped. So we got a redbox and ordered pizza. What a good night. It was so fun to be lazy and feel like we were dating again (movies on the couch, staying up late, etc ). Tuesday was crazy for Gideon with work and school, so somehow on Wednesday (our other day off) we slept in until 11 AGAIN. We keep saying we'll get up early and get a head start on the day, but really, why?? Soon we'll never sleep again. So we're soakin' it up. We went to the movies Wednesday night and loved it. Gideon only has classes 2 days a week this semester instead of 3, which feels like a HUGE change. Also, his classes aren't nearly as intense. It's been so so so wonderful to see more of each other and really get to hang out together. We went out for Sushi last week and have a few more places on the list to go. Of course, all these nights-on-the-town are funded by awesome coupon deals that we find and/or gift cards from Christmas. Couldn't have come at a better time! By 9 o'clock I'm dead tired and ready for bed, but it sure is fun enjoying the early evening.

Right now I'm washing a load of baby clothes to have ready when we bring this little guy home from the hospital. Also on the list this week: pack my hospital bag. The clock is ticking and I am officially anxious. I'm starting to realize that all the miserable symptoms that come with pregnancy are worth it because, at the end. . . you get a BABY!! We can hardly stand the wait at this point. The other night Gideon was asking me about everything that's going to happen in the delivery room right after I have the baby. (I plan to breastfeed right away, so he just wanted to know when it would be his turn to hold our little son). I laughed and told him he'd get to hold him right away! He was still a little serious and said, in the most loving and sweet tone, "Ok, just don't hog him, Ok?" I love that my little boy has a dad who is desperately in love with him already.

LOVE it.

Friday, January 14, 2011


For some reason, when I know there's something I should do, even if it's an easy thing, I tend to avoid it. Example: Blogging. Vacuuming. Returning a shirt to target that's been sitting in the backseat of my car (recently moved to the trunk) for weeks. I really don't know what my problem is but I should really teach myself to get over it. Really. So after I post this . . . I . . .will . . .vacuum.

Christmas was wonderful! We spent Christmas Eve with Jared and Lynn. Lynn made us dinner and I made cheese balls and sugar cookies and we watched it's a wonderful life. Christmas day we headed up to the Smylie's for some family togetherness time. It was such a good holiday. We stayed up way too late, ate way too much and talked until my throat hurt. We loved it. We also managed to get up to Salt Lake to see the lights at temple square. It was FREEZING but the lights were so pretty! New year's came and went, and so far at the top of my new years resolution list is to expel a baby!! Seriously, my list looks like this. . .
Have the baby

Run a 1/2 Marathon (by September)

Birth the baby

Read the Book of Mormon

Get the baby out.

I always dreamed of being pregnant and while I have LOVED so many aspects of it, I admit it's not quite all it's cracked up to be. Today I got caught by surprise with a vomiting spell and it happened on my carpet. ON MY CARPET. Isn't that what people say about their two year old who got sick?!? Not to a grown woman. I have about this much pride left. I have a bum in my left ribs and two feet in my right, and a very hard head on top of my bladder. But I have to say, I love feeling so close to this little boy who will one day think I am such a dorky parent. I love feeling him try to get comfy in there or have the hiccups. I just think my skin might tear open at any moment, so it's a good thing he is coming out soon (hopefully). It really is a mix of emotions. I love knowing he's safe in there but I also just want him to come out so badly. Seven weeks and counting. I am so excited to meet this wild little man!

Also: I was deathly ill all last week and now that I am recovering, I seem to have lost more brain cells. I don't know if this is post sickness brain fog or pregnancy related, but I really am the biggest space case on the planet. So please excuse me if you have a conversation with me and it seems as though I'm not all there.

The temple looked so beautiful with all the trees lit up around it!

A little too frozen for a real smile from either of us . . .

The belly has come in handy for eating on the couch!

32 weeks. Sorry I always post these pictures so late that it's almost time for another. I'm now 33 weeks.

And finally, a picture of my wonderful husband, apron and all. This was on Christmas Eve, helping me cook. He has been such a great help during this pregnancy with stuff, especially in the kitchen! Love you honey.