Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have become slightly addicted to this channel. Home and Garden Television. It's a joke. And the best part: I've even converted Gideon. We get home, and after a long day, we eat dinner together, then snuggle up on the couch for some good old TV watching. We never used to really do this, either of us. So it's a REAL TREAT now. But what do we watch? Not the news. Sports? No. How about a little Curb Appeal or Design Star or Property Virgins? One of our favorites is House Hunters. We LOVE living out our dream of buying a beautiful big home by watching other people do it on tv. It's great. I figure at least it's wholesome TV. But it's gotten bad. We were laying in bed trying to wake up sunday morning, and I said "It's getting bad. I just want to go turn on HGTV." Tonight we watched our weekly favorite...

Design Star. Natalie got kicked off last week, and we weren't too sad about it. Don't really know how Teshica stayed; she couldn't even accessorize the kitchen! Hello!! But the pansy lady who cried and couldn't be in charge left, so it's all good. But we're rooting for Antonio all the way. I got ben hooked tonight as well. And if you don't know what we're talking about, GET ON IT PEOPLE. Anyways. This is extremely poorly written. But nothing too exciting to report this week except for our love of this TV show. And how great it is being married and having a husband who loves to watch it with me. Life is good.

Also: Got a chance to hang out with the family this weekend. Hannah and Sean came down from bountiful and we all got together at Miriam and Aaron's new place (which is SO CUTE) and had dinner. Miriam is a great cook and the dinner was awesome. We checked out Jared and Lynn's place...also very cute. Kayla played and rolled in the grass and we all sat on the porch and ate and talked. Later we ate ice cream; the girls sitting on the kitchen floor and the boys on the porch. Kayla learned how to open the door while we all sat and chatted; the women about babies and recipes and the men about blowing stuff up. We missed the rest of the family too. Miss you guys!! But what a good saturday night.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Week of Bliss

Ok, so it's been mostly bliss; except for when I missed Gideon like a crazy pathetic fool while he was at work. I actually snuggled up with one of his dirty t-shirts that smelled like him. And watched Oprah. Which, by the way, was about a woman who is standing trial this fall for shooting and killing her abusive policeman-husband. I am so glad my husband tucks me in at night and softly strokes my hair and kisses me on the forhead instead of kicking the crap out of me! But that's just a side note. So...the first week has been great. Top ten things I love about being married:
  1. Waking up in the middle of the night with someone to snuggle up to
  2. Coming home from a long day to a big hug and a kiss
  3. Cooking dinner for someone other than myself
  4. Nice conversations with the bathroom door open. If ya know what I mean.
  5. Someone to scratch the unreachable awkward part of your back
  6. Someone who laughs at all my clumsy moments. But he hugs me too.
  7. Sleep overs in the living room
  8. Midnight cake and a movie
  9. Uncontrollable smiles 24/7
  10. Budgeting our tiny incomes
This week has been a total blast. Gideon has been late for his morning class almost every day because we seriously stay up late goofing around, organizing our closet, making plans, deciding on baby names for all 25 of our unborn children, etc. It's more wonderful than we ever thought. Last night was probably the highlight of the week:

First...we had dinner. A success FINALLY. Can't go wrong with a crock pot. I love whoever invented those. But of course, we threw some excitement in there when I realized I couldn't open the canned corn because we don't have a can opener. Don't worry; this man is resourceful.
That's right. He used a hammer to pound open the little can on our doorstep. I hope our landlord's didn't see.
I cut my hand on the shard later. THEN, we decided it was a perfect night for a movie. Since we don't have a couch...
The mattress was our only option. Sleepover in the living room! Then we decided we needed some cake to go with our movie. So finally around 12:30, after baking the cake (and taking it out of the oven with my shirt because we don't have any oven mits yet) and running to redbox where I convinced Gideon to watch New In Town (so cute you should all see it. Good clean fun. PS He loved it), we finally watched our movie and kept laughing pretending like we were on a first date or something.
And the final part of this really long and boring blog post we have a couch!!!
I came home from work tonight and Gideon had me close my eyes and hide in the bedroom until he finished his labor of love. He got it all moved in and washed the cushion covers, vaccummed it out and everything. He even covered it with some sheets because he knew I would think it was yucky (50 bucks at D.I....that screams germs).

This man knows how to keep his wife happy. Vaccuming my sofa? I knew I picked a good one. Then he made me dinner and graciously gave me the last piece of cake for dessert.

The cake had a mosquito on it that I found two bites in. I almost vomited. But it's the thought that counts, right?

And the top pic of the week:
This is what happens when you let your new husband put your clothes away. I was in the kitchen and he came out like this. He said it would be a great pad for wrestling matches! Oh my goodness. I died.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Bed

Gideon is so good at doing all the husband-manly stuff around the house. I'm so glad he knows how to connect the DVD player, hook up the internet, put a bed together, and tie a mattress to the top of a tiny car!! It was quite the adventure getting our bed all put together, but he did a great job. It was so funny driving that mattress down from Sandy on top of our car! I can't believe it made it, even through some rain! Thanks Gideon.

We managed to fit our entire queen bed frame completely dissembled into our little kia, but it had to poke out the windows. The mattress managed to stay tied to the top, thanks to some good ol' fashioned boy scout knots from Gideon.


Welcome to the new blog from the MEDLEYS (yes, I LOVE being able to say that). We are just two people who found each other and fell in love...twice. We love our story and we love each other. Gideon and I have been married for a grand total of 5 days and we are loving every minute of it. I love his socks at the end of the bed every night and I love how he sweetly arranges the silverware in our drawer that we don't even have a silverware holder in yet. We live in a little one bedroom apartment, but it's ours and we love it. We are just enjoying life, taking care of each other, compromising, loving each other, and still having the whole "I can't believe we're finally MARRIED" conversation over and over. Last night, I was supposed to be looking for the info to pay my car bill but instead we found all of the letters Gideon sent me while on his mission, and some old journal entries from while he was gone, me saying how much I missed him and I loved him. Then we just sat looking at old pictures from before his mission and comparing them with our wedding pictures. I, of course, started crying as I snuggled up to my new husband, thinking just how wonderfully happy I am at the way everything turned out. I dreamed of marrying him for so long and sometimes it catches my breath to realize that it's all come true. I feel so lucky to have married the man of my dreams. It's a blissful little reality check, being married, and we LOVE the reality we have found ourselves in. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the wedding and sacrificed time and money to come and support us on the big day. We love you all so much!!